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Composite Pool Decking

composite pool decking

Composite decking is a popular choice for several reasons. It’s a durable and sustainable material that provides non-slip traction and requires very little maintenance while holding up well to repeated moisture exposure and the hot sun. In addition, it is often affordable, and it looks great no matter what look you want for your backyard.

The Two Types

When choosing composite decking, your most important decision will be if you’re going for solid or hollow. Those are the two choices on the market, and each comes with its own pros and cons.

The solid type is heavier, sturdier, and more durable, but it is more costly to install and may contract and expand through different seasons. Meanwhile, hollow composite decking, while also durable, is more susceptible to damage before and during the installation process. This type of decking has more of a man-made look compared with the solid type, but it won’t contract and expand.

Keep Your Decking In Check

Whether you choose hollow or solid, you’ll want to treat your decking with a preservative antifungal chemical. As it is placed around your pool, it will come into contact with a great deal of moisture, and this can create an environment for mildew, algae, and fungus to thrive. Some preservative treatments can last on the surface of the decking for up to 20 years.

Be Careful With Your Choice Of Color

Your color will also matter a great deal when it comes to your composite decking. While darker shades may look more dramatic and sleek in a backyard, it’s important to remember that they’re also more likely to retain heat. If you plan to spend summer afternoons relaxing poolside, opting for a darker color could mean burning up in the sun. Opting for a lighter color of decking will ensure that your space looks clean and fresh while still remaining comfortable even through the hottest of summer days.

There are a number of options for composite decking that you can frame your pool with. You won’t have a difficult time finding the one that is perfect for your use and your property.

Are you ready to put in a new pool? We are here to help!

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