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A Look At “Compact” Swimming Pools

Compact Swimming Pools

You may be looking out at your backyard right now longing for the cool escape that a pool provides, but thinking that there is no way you could ever fit a pool into your backyard. You’re not alone – many yards in the Tampa area are small, and houses are close-quartered. Fortunately, you’re in luck! As the process of building a pool has become more modernized, it has become easier than ever to build a compact swimming pool.

What are Compact Swimming Pools?

The name pretty much says it all – a compact swimming pool is a pool that is designed to fit into a tight space. Obviously, a compact swimming pool offers less space than a traditional swimming pool does, but that is about the only sacrifice that is made. A compact pool is your own personal pool that simply takes advantage of the space available to work with.

Owning A Pool Is Beneficial For Your Health

As we head into summer, the Florida heat will become harder to escape. The ability to step through your back door and immediately find relief cannot be overstated. A personal pool can dramatically improve your health. For example, when installing a compact pool, one option you have is to install an endless lap pool. These pools produce a current, acting as a treadmill in the water so that you can swim for miles and get a great workout in, right in your own backyard.

Having your own personal pool is also a cleaner option. Many public pools, although convenient, carry diseases and parasites. They are heavily chlorinated to reduce the number of bacteria in the pool. Having your own pool allows you to avoid this problem. You know exactly who has been in the pool and will not have to be inconvenienced when your pool is shut down for chemical maintenance. Couple this with the fact that your pool will be quieter and more peaceful, and the decision should be an easy one.

Improve Your Landscape

Compact swimming pools can increase the beauty of your yard. Your pool can be built as a peaceful oasis, and incorporate various landscaping and architectural designs to provide you with the perfect escape. Your pool contractor will work with you to come up with a design for a pool that you will be happy to enjoy nightly.

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