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Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Entryway

Swimming Pool EntryWay

Your swimming pool entry is like the entry to your home. It sets the stage for the entire style, experience, and atmosphere of your pool space. Selecting the right swimming pool entryway is one of the more important choices you’ll make when it comes to your pool. And this will depend on the style you’re looking for, your desired use, and your family’s particular needs.

Popular Entryway Choices

The best way to approach choosing the right swimming pool entryway is taking a look at some of the most popular choices and why they may be made for a particular pool. Some swimming pool entryway options that may be right for your pool are the following:

  • Steps – These are a classic choice for a pool entryway, and they give you almost endless design options. If you’re looking for simplicity, tradition, and style in one, steps may be just what you’re looking for in your swimming pool entryway choice. However, steps may be difficult to use for individuals with different abilities.
  • Ladders – Like steps, ladders are a classic choice, and they are common in above-ground pools or in deeper water. One may decide to opt for steps or a ramp in the shallower end of a pool. And you can install a ladder for the entryway at the deeper end. Ladders are typically one of the more budget-friendly options out there.
  • Sloped Entry – Also known as a beach entry, a gradual slope can be a striking and ability-friendly choice for entry. This is ideal for swimmers who may not be able to use steps or a ladder, and the water lapping at the gentle gradient of the slope makes for an inviting and beachy impression.
  • Sun Shelf – If you plan to spend time sunning yourself by the pool, or if you’re going for a spa-like atmosphere, a sun shelf may be the right swimming pool entryway you’re looking for. A sun shelf is covered by only a couple of inches of water, so it is perfect for dipping your feet.

You can also mix and match from the above options. For example, you can have a sun shelf at one end, with steps at the other side and a ladder in the deep end. At Olympus Pools, we can help you plan and build the swimming pool of your dreams.

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