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Choosing the Right Depth for Your Swimming Pool

Right Depth For Your Swimming Pool

If you plan to install a residential swimming pool, there are a number of things to consider before implementing this very permanent structure. Where is the pool going, and how big should it be? What will the pool be used for, and how deep should it be? These are all important factors, but proper depth is one of the most important. Consider the following:

  • Use. Take time to consider what the pool will be used for most. Will it be for sports and exercise such as swimming laps, or recreationally for fun and games? Who will use the pool? Your children, or friends and older family members? If the focus is your children, a shallow pool is the way to go, and the shape of the pool doesn’t matter. If the focus is on exercise or diving, the pool should be much deeper and shaped like a narrow rectangle.
  • Recreational pools. The depth for a recreational pool should range from 36 inches to 5 feet. Consider a sloped floor for easy entry. Keep the pool on the shallow end if the pool will be used by children or for entertainment purposes.
  • Athletic pools. The depth for an athletic pool should be 4 to 5 feet and be long and narrow in shape. This will help prevent swimmers from hitting their feet on the bottom of the pool at any point.
  • L-shaped pools. When looking for the perfect compromise between a recreational and athletic pool, consider employing an “L” shape. The shorter part of the L can be shallow to accommodate fun water activities, while the longer part of the L can be deep for exercise or swimming laps!
  • Other considerations. If a diving board or water slide is desired, plan accordingly. The suggested depth for head-first diving is at least 9 feet, and the deeper you build, the better for these kinds of activities.

Planning for a pool is both fun and exciting. Before setting anything in motion, however, consider what the pool will be used for and what depths are necessary; you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect swimming pool.

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