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Choosing the Best Accessories for Your Swimming Pool

Accessories for Your Swimming Pool

Sunshine, tunes, and a pool towel are some of the best complements to your backyard swimming pool. There’s also that wonderful feeling of soaking up Vitamin D and the refreshment of jumping in the water. You don’t need much to soak up a day by the water, but it doesn’t hurt to invest in extra accessories to add to the enjoyment of your pool. Here are some items that can increase your experience.

Waterproof Speaker: Having a speaker that connects to a phone or Mp3 player for music by the pool is sure to brighten the day. These speakers are not only water-resistant but can hold up against other elements such as sand and sun.

Storage Closet: Investing in a good storage closet is worthwhile if you have a lot of accessories. Leaving items lying around the pool will result in wear, and might also cause someone to trip and get hurt. A storage closet will keep all those pool-time accessories preserved and other areas safe and clear.

Beach Chairs: Set up beach chairs for the whole family! Chairs that stay upright, recline, or even have umbrellas attached are all good options. No one spends all of their time in the water; so when you get out, you’ll want to be comfortable. Think about going with bright colors like yellow instead of typical white to really brighten up the backyard.

Basketball Hoop: Having a sport like basketball available in the pool provides fun for everyone. Shoot hoops by yourself or engage in a team competition. The water makes for a different spin on the game, and everyone is sure to get a workout in the process.

Flotation Devices: As we all know, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People of all ages enjoy flotation devices for playing and lounging in the pool. It’s always a good idea to buy floating chairs for relaxation purposes, pool noodles for swimming, or inflatable animals for the kids to play with or ride.

Waterproof Case: An accessory that is more practical is a waterproof case for your phone or camera. Some of us have insurance on our gadgets, but don’t leave it to chance. Protect those valuables by investing in a top-notch case.

Speakers and beach chairs and basketball hoops, oh my! Invest in some pool accessories this summer, and you’re sure to have a great time.

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