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Spa, Hot Tub, or Jacuzzi? What is the Difference?

The word “spa” immediately brings to mind relaxation and enjoyment. The majority of people only think of spas and spa treatments as rare pleasures they couldn’t possibly replicate at home. Yet as home swimming pools increase in popularity, so do spas. In fact, spas are an investment –guaranteed to improve mental, physical, and relational health…

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3 Reasons to Choose a Gunite (or Shortcrete) Pool

There are so many choices available for pool building materials these days that it can be difficult to settle on just one. You have fiberglass, vinyl, poured concrete, and even above ground pools to consider. However, none of these options are the best on the market. The material proven to get the finest results is..

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How to prevent pool algae in the summer heat

mmer is here! You change into your bathing suit, excited to jump into the water and cool off on this hot, blistering day. As you walk out of your living room into the back yard, you accelerate to a slow jog, preparing to jump into the water and then – STOP! You can’t jump in..

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