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Do You Need A Swimming Pool Sun Shelf?

swimming pool sun shelf

When designing your pool, you’ll find that there are numerous cool features available, from waterfalls to swim-up bars. One of the features that have become increasingly more popular for Florida pool owners are sun shelves. Below, we’ll provide a brief breakdown of what sun shelves are and who should consider adding them to their Florida pool…

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Is Your Home Swimming Pool Ready?

swimming pool ready

Have you decided that it may be time for that new swimming pool you have been dreaming of for your backyard? As nice as it would be to walk into the backyard and jump right into your new pool to enjoy a swim, it isn’t that easy. Some backyards are actually not suitable for a..

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Swimming Pool Tile Finish Options

swimming pool tile

If you are a pool owner, then you are already well aware of all the advantages that come along with it. When it comes to pool finishes, you have a lot of options. One of the options you may be presented with, or you may want to consider, is tile finishes. Swimming pool tile options allow..

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The Perfect Swimming Pool Hue

swimming pool hue

Did you know that you can transform the look of your pool simply by changing the liner or incorporating different lighting techniques? It can give your pool a different vibe and set whatever mood you are looking to set for your backyard entertaining. Here is a look at factors that affect swimming pool hue: Your..

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SaltWater Swimming Pool Systems

saltwater swimming pool systems

Looking for a different way to clean and maintain your swimming pool? Saltwater swimming pool systems are becoming more and more popular as homeowners are looking for water that is gentler on the skin and the eyes and something much safer than the unsafe chemicals they have to use for their chlorine pools. What Is..

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Swimming Pool Color Options

Pool Color Options

As you work with your pool contractor to come up with your pool design, you are going to be overwhelmed by the choices you must make. You’ll begin by first deciding on large-scale decisions, such as the shape and size of your pool. Then, you’ll move on to more mid-range choices, such as whether you’d..

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Five Top Swimming Pool Trends

Top Swimming Pool Trends

As you are coming up with a design for your new pool, you should be mindful of the latest swimming pool trends. You want your pool design to last for years. Choosing patterns that are popular today could help your pool appear modern for years. If you decide to go with trends from a few..

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What’s The Difference Between A Hot Tub And An In-Ground Spa?

in-ground spas

As you consider a variety of features for your pool, you’ll likely come across hot tubs and in-ground spas. Many believe that these terms are synonymous, but in reality, there are critical differences between the two. Understanding the differences between in-ground spas and hot tubs is crucial in allowing you to make an informed decision..

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How To Select The Right Hot Tub For Your Backyard

right hot tub

Nothing completes a backyard oasis like a hot tub. They provide the perfect opportunity to relax outdoors and enjoy the beauty of your home. They can also provide numerous health benefits to Florida retirees, such as increased circulation, decreased muscle and joint soreness, and a stronger immune system. Consider these tips to help you select..

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How To Get The Dream Swimming Pool

dream swimming pool

Today, it’s easier than ever to install the dream swimming pool! Pools are more affordable than ever, and design features that were once only seen at resorts are now available to Florida homeowners. If you’re considering installing a pool, be sure to ask yourself these questions before doing so. How Will You Use The Pool?..

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Environmentally-Friendly Swimming Pools

Over the past few years, Americans have become more and more concerned with reducing their carbon footprint and becoming environmentally-friendly. However, many Florida pool owners may not be aware of the fact that their pool is one of the simplest things in their home to make eco-friendly! Not only can environmentally-friendly swimming pools be good..

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Two Swimming Exercises For Fitness In 2018

swimming exercises

At some point, you’ve probably heard how beneficial it is to train in a pool. Working out in water is a great way to add resistance to your workouts, spike your heart rate, and shed fat fast. Working out in the pool is also great for those who are injured or deal with chronic pain..

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How To Choose Your Swimming Pool Color

There are a number of options you’ll need to choose from when designing your pool. There are broader decisions, like the material that will make up your pool’s surface, to more specific decisions, like the accent tiling you’d like to use. Did you know that you can also choose the color of your pool? One..

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Two Senior-Friendly Swimming Pool Features

senior friendly swimming pool

Swimming pools can be very beneficial for seniors. It’s a way for them to exercise, remain active, and relax outdoors. Unfortunately, many seniors shy away from installing a pool in their backyard because of safety fears. With so many retirees for Florida, it’s important that they consider all options before ruling out the possibility of..

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Four Kid-Friendly Swimming Pool Features

kid friendly swimming pool

Many people who are considering a pool end up shying away from it because they have children. However, children are actually a great reason to install a pool! There are a number of kid-friendly swimming pool water features that will keep your children active outdoors for hours. When talking to your pool contractor about your..

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