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Opting For Saltwater Chlorination

Salt Water Chlorination

Have you ever gone swimming and felt your eyes or skin burning? Have you showered after swimming and realized that your hair is as stiff as a board? All of these are side effects of chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical commonly used in pools. It’s tolerable for some but can cause annoying side effects for..

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Where To Light Up Your Pool

light up your pool

Pool remodeling today allows you to create a backyard oasis at an affordable cost. One of the features that more and more Florida pool owners are utilizing is LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile, and can be used in many places in and around your pool. The lights come in a wide selection of colors..

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A Look At Backyard & Pool Privacy

pool privacy

No matter how much you use your pool to host guests, there are many times when you’ll wish to find the privacy of your backyard oasis. There are many strategic ways to go about doing this, and it’s important to remember that there are two types of privacy you’ll want to achieve. Visual Pool Privacy..

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Five Tropical-Themed Pool Landscaping Ideas

pool landscaping ideas

Today’s pools have evolved from boring rectangular holes surrounded by concrete to true backyard oasis’. If you’re looking to install a pool or remodel your existing pool, you can now make it easily blend into your backyard. This involves the use of stones, landscaping, and other natural aspects. Consider these five tropical-themed pool landscaping ideas..

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Announcing Our Lakeland Office in Polk County!

Olympus Pools Lakeland Office

As one of Tampa’s top Swimming Pool Builders, we at Olympus Pools are very excited to announce the opening of our office in Lakeland!  Our new office is located at 625 Commerce Dr, Suite 302 in Lakeland FL 33813 and our phone number for Lakeland is 863-646-6466.  With this office, we are now firmly established in..

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Add Music With Underwater Pool Speakers

Creating an atmosphere for all to enjoy is an important aspect of owning a pool. Music can complement your outdoor swimming pool area by providing relaxation, setting a mood, and creating a more social environment. For years, pool owners have been plagued with trying to find clever new ways to incorporate music into their pool..

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