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About Swimming Pool Building Permits

pool building permits

If you are interested in new pool construction for your home it is important to understand the pool building permit process before you begin looking at all the possible swimming pool designs. It is an essential step of the process that can’t be overlooked or ignored. What is a Pool Building Permit? Before you can..

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What To Expect During Pool Construction

pool construction

Are you in the position where you really would like a new pool but are hesitant because the process seems overwhelming? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many would-be pool owners avoid breaking ground because they are not sure what the process has in store. Knowing what to expect from beginning to end can make..

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Make your Pool Area a Nighttime Favorite

Summer is fast approaching and if you are in Florida, or a similarly beautiful and warm climate, then you will most likely be getting your backyard swimming pool area ready for all the entertaining and fun you will be hosting. Yes, you have the usual daytime barbecue and pool parties with the kids and the..

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Reduce the Costs of Running Your Hot Tub

Reduce Costs Of Running Your Hot Tub

Winter is here, and that usually means higher electric bills due to cooler outdoor weather; this also means that the cost of running your hot tub throughout the winter has gone up. There are several tips to consider to save on energy costs and ensure a spa’s continued performance. Thermal blankets Thermal blankets float on the..

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How To Care For Your Pool After A Heavy Rainfall

Care For Your Pool After Heavy Rainfall

After a heavy rainfall, it is important that you clean and maintain your pool. Light rainfall isn’t a big deal, but a lot of rainfall can significantly alter the chemistry of your pool. What’s more, a rain storm can also cause added dirt and other debris to get into your pool, and it is equally important to clean..

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The Ultimate Guide To Pool Enclosures

In Florida, with our year-round warm weather, we often overlook the benefits of pool enclosures. However, pool enclosures offer a variety of benefits including security and privacy, easy maintenance, and protection from the elements. A backyard pool enclosure can enhance your swimming pool experience, so it is a great option to consider no matter where..

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The Best 5 Small Pool Water Features

Small Pool Water Features

If you have a small backyard swimming pool, you may be thinking your choice of water features are limited. However, there are plenty of options that can enhance the beauty and fun of a smaller pool. Here are five of the best small pool water features you can incorporate into your pool design: 1. Pedestal..

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Ideas on How to Remodel Your Backyard

Having a pool is one thing, but having a backyard retreat is something else. When you have a pool in your backyard, there is a variety of things you can do with it based on its size and depth.  Pool games, exercise, relaxing after a hot day in the sun, really anything that requires a..

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5 Benefits Of Adding A Spa To Your Pool

A swimming pool is a significant investment that will give you and your family a big return. From family fun time to your daily exercise routine, it can transform your home significantly. But it’s not the only feature worth thinking about. Adding a spa to your pool is something that you might want to consider..

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3 Laws You Need to Know Before Building a Pool

3 Laws You Need to Know Before Building a Pool Building a pool is an exciting project – one your family and friends are sure to enjoy. Before you begin, though, understand certain pool construction laws. Many pool owners make innocent mistakes every year because they aren’t fully aware of these laws. Keep your pool..

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Tampa pool builders- completed pool with video

I love it when a plan comes together. It is amazing to see a thought of a new swimming pool transform into a real construction project, and then a real completed swimming pool. I have attached some photos and a video of our latest completed pool in Tampa to share our joy in this transformation…

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