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How To Care For Your Pool After A Heavy Rainfall

Care For Your Pool After Heavy Rainfall

After heavy rainfall, it is important that you clean and maintains your pool. Light rainfall isn’t a big deal, but a lot of rainfall can significantly alter the chemistry of your pool. What’s more, a rainstorm can also cause added dirt and other debris to get into your pool, and it is equally important to clean all of these out and check your ph levels to ensure your pool’s proper performance.

Here are some quick tips on how to care for your pool after heavy rain:

Skim the pool- First, skim the surface of the pool and remove any debris such as leaves and other particles that are floating on top of the surface.

Check the pool’s PH levels- The rain can lower the PH levels in the pool. So be sure to test the PH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. The sanitizer level is necessary because this is what will help fight against any contaminants that have entered your pool due to the rain

Check your water levels- Finally, you will want to check water levels to see how much excess water your pool is now holding due to the rain. If you have too much water, you will want to drain it by using the waste setting on the filter to get it back to its normal levels

Cleaning your pool and ensuring you have the right chlorine levels is will help maintain the integrity of the water in your pool and will also help fight cloudy water and algae problems. Regular maintenance of the pool should always be done regularly weekly such as checking the chemical levels and vacuuming, skimming, and brushing but it is especially vital after heavy rainfall.

Regular maintenance of the pool, such as checking the chemical levels and vacuuming, skimming, and brushing, should always be done regularly but it is especially vital after heavy rainfall.

Running your pump will help protect against low chlorine, high PH levels, and high alkalinity levels. If you treat your pool on a regular schedule, the pump will not have to be run as often, and you can keep a good balance in the chemistry of your water.

Also, clean the filter and pump regularly because it can suck up debris, especially after a rainfall. Not cleaning the pool and filter can affect the water and could cause it to become cloudy.

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