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Building Your Dream Pool

dream pool

Are you fantasizing about your dream pool? When you have dreams of your perfect swimming pool, you want to make sure that you have a custom pool designer on your side to help make those dreams come true!

From unique light fixtures to fun design pieces like a lagoon or grotto, there are so many ways you can customize your dream pool.

Spas and Waterfalls

A spa can easily be included with your dream swimming pool construction project. You can even choose to add a fun water feature like a waterfall to your pool as well. Not only do these additions make the pool area more inviting and fun, they also add elegance and aeration as well.


To amplify your waterfall idea, you can consider having a grotto custom-designed for your pool. A grotto is a large rock waterfall that has a small nook or cavern-like space below it that is big enough for you to swim into.

In the grotto, you can have other features as well including a seating area, some great lighting, and even a therapy spa.


LED lighting has become popular over the years because it adds to the ambiance of your backyard entertaining space. With the right lighting, you are also able to extend the hours of operation for your pool, and it creates a wonderful environment for nighttime swimming.

You can choose dimming options, multi-colored options, and the lights can also be mounted around the inside of your pool to create an even more stunning focal point for your backyard.

Lighting around the pool can also improve safety and can highlight the landscaping you have around the pool as well.

Bottom Line

When you choose any of these fun features to add to your swimming pool, you are designing the perfect dream pool.

You want your outdoor space to be functional and fun at the same time and adding in water features, lighting, and other interesting features like a grotto or even a lagoon will set your pool apart from others and will make it a space you are quick to show off.

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