Set Your Backyard Apart with a Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

In many areas of the world, families enjoy spending time together while cooking their meals together outdoors. This style of cooking has also become pretty commonplace in the United States too and for many reasons. The following are just a few reasons having a custom outdoor kitchen in the backyard can set you apart and..

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Choosing a Reputable Firm for Your Custom Pool Project

Custom Pool

When it comes time to hire a contractor for your custom pool project, you may find that it may be a challenging and daunting task. You may find that the employees you have hired do not show up at times they agreed on, the quality of the work may be less than you were expecting,..

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How a Swimming Pool Improves Family Life

Swimming Pool Improves Family Life

People choose to have swimming pools installed in their backyards for several different reasons, and pool owners understand that swimming pools are far more than just eye candy for the space. A pool can help you in so many more ways that far extend just amping up your landscape. Here’s a look at how a..

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How Does A Natural Pool Work?

natural swimming pool

Over the past few years, we’ve seen more and more Florida homeowners choosing to install natural pools. Natural pools are eco-friendly and chemical-free, which is why they tend to be an attractive option. However, when many people first hear about a natural pool, they are skeptical about their functionality. Below, you’ll find everything you need..

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Should You Install A Lap Pool?

lap pool

Many people think of Florida pools as an essential part of their backyard oasis. In reality, a pool can be anything you’d like it to be. When people move to Florida after retirement, they often look for ways to maintain an active lifestyle. One of the best ways of doing so is by considering a..

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Popular Types Of Pool Lights

Popular Pool Lights

If you’re one who will enjoy your new pool well into the night, it’s important to consider lighting options. This could be the case both for individuals or for those who like to host parties. The right type of pool lights could go a long way. However, many Florida pool owners often get confused when..

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Bricks Or Pavers For Pool Decking Options

Pool Decking Options

Many Florida pool owners believe that when building a new pool, many of their tough decisions are going to be focused on the pool itself. Between choosing the shape of the pool, the depth of the pool, and the material and color of the pool, it may seem as though you’ve made more than enough..

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Bring The Beach To Your Backyard Pool

Your Backyard Pool

There is nothing better than going to the beach, right? The smell of the ocean and the ability to read a book while relaxing under the sun are fantastic. But no sooner than when you start thinking about this, you begin to remember all of the negative aspects of the beach. The crowds. The noise…

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Incorporate Tile Mosaics Into Your Pool Design

Your Pool Design

Are you working on your pool design? One of the hottest pool trends for Florida pool owners is the use of tile mosaics. More and more pool owners have incorporated tile mosaics into their pool design. If you’re looking to install or remodel your pool, you should consider tile mosaics when coming up with your..

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Swimming Pool Color Options

Pool Color Options

As you work with your pool contractor to come up with your pool design, you are going to be overwhelmed by the choices you must make. You’ll begin by first deciding on large-scale decisions, such as the shape and size of your pool. Then, you’ll move on to more mid-range choices, such as whether you’d..

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Pool Area Styling Tips

Pool Area Styling

Have you grown bored with your pool’s design? If you’ve been a Florida pool owner for years, you’re prone to this happening. Fortunately, refreshing the look of your backyard does not require a full-blown remodel. In fact, you can make your outdoor area come to life with some (and complex) updates!  You will be pleasantly..

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Three Ways To Have More Summer Fun In Your Pool

Summer Fun

No longer are the days where pools are cookie-cutter concrete holes in the ground. Florida pool designs have come a long way over the past few years, and for good reason. More and more Florida pool owners are spending time outdoors enjoying their backyard oasis. Features like waterfalls, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens have contributed..

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Five Top Swimming Pool Trends

Top Swimming Pool Trends

As you are coming up with a design for your new pool, you should be mindful of the latest swimming pool trends. You want your pool design to last for years. Choosing patterns that are popular today could help your pool appear modern for years. If you decide to go with trends from a few..

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Three Features Of  A Sports Pool

sports swimming pool

When coming up with a new swimming pool design, you’ll quickly discover that there is a multitude of features available. While this can seem overwhelming at times, you should start with the most basic of questions, and work down from there. Before you concern yourself with features like natural rock waterfalls, you should first ask..

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Swimming Pool Technology That Can Make Your Life Easier

swimming pool technology

Over the past decade, technology has transformed our way of life drastically. It has made our lives much more convenient, allowing our world to be at our fingertips at all times. A perfect example of this is smart home technology. Whether it be that you forgot to turn the lights off upstairs or you would..

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