Announcing Our Lakeland Office in Polk County!

Olympus Pools Lakeland Office

As one of Tampa’s top Swimming Pool Builders, we at Olympus Pools are very excited to announce the opening of our office in Lakeland!  Our new office is located at 625 Commerce Dr, Suite 302 in Lakeland FL 33813 and our phone number for Lakeland is 863-646-6466.  With this office, we are now firmly established in..

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Getting Ready for Your Next Pool Party

Once the weather warms up, you will be itching to schedule your first pool party of the season. However, you always want to make sure that you are prepared to offer a great experience for all your party guests. A pool party is a great way to bring your family and friends together to enjoy..

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The Perfect Staycation with a Swimming Pool

perfect staycation

oking for the perfect staycation to escape? You may not need to look any further than your own backyard. Yes. That’s right. You can plan your perfect staycation with a swimming pool in your very backyard. No need to pack a bag, book a flight, or stay in an uncomfortable hotel room. Summer Retreat Every..

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Infinity Pool Designs

Looking for some jaw-dropping infinity pool designs? Well, look no further. We will go over a few with you today to provide you with some much-needed inspiration as you search for the best design for your home. Infinity pools give the appearance that they are never ending. Not only does it provide you with a..

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What Is a Cocktail Pool?

Cocktail pools, otherwise known as compact pools, received this name due to their size. They are also commonly referred to as spools because they also have combination spa and pool functions as well. When looking at a cocktail pool, you will basically find that it is a scaled-down swimming pool. It can be above ground..

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Combining an Outdoor Kitchen with a Pool Water Feature

pool water feature

You have finally taken the plunge and started construction on your new swimming pool. Congrats! While it is a big decision and an even bigger investment to make, you will quickly learn just how valuable your own swimming pool can be when you want to create your very own backyard retreat. With that in mind,..

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Automatic Swimming Pool Covers for Winters in Florida

automatic swimming pool covers

If you live in Florida, then you already know that the temperatures can get pretty warm, and there isn’t much of a winter. So you may be wondering if you should even invest in a swimming pool cover to protect your pool during the small winter season we have. Today we will go over a..

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Design Options for a Wading Pool

If you are looking for some amazing design options for a wading pool, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will go over a few design options if you are considering a wading pool remodel or you are looking at new construction. Why Choose a Wading Pool? If you have a smaller..

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Design Inspiration for Your New Pool Construction Project

new pool construction

If you are about to undergo a new pool construction project, then you are probably already well aware of all the decisions you have to make regarding the new swimming pool. It can all seem overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t already have a clear idea of what you want. Today we will provide..

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Advanced Pool LED Lighting

advanced pool LED lighting

If you are looking for another way to customize your swimming pool area while also making it a much safer environment, then advanced pool LED lighting is exactly what you need. While it definitely goes a long way in creating the perfect environment and setting for your next pool party, it is also useful for..

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Bring the Beach to Your Backyard with a Wave Pool

wave pool

Do you love going to the beach for the waves but hate having to pack all your stuff and combat the sand that seems to find its way into every crack and crevice of your body, clothing, and bags? Then you may want to consider bringing the beach straight to your own backyard with an..

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The Top Swimming Pool Trends Making a Splash for 2020

top swimming pool trends

Now that we have made it into a brand new year, there are plenty of top swimming pool trends making an appearance. Today we will go over a few of them to provide you with some inspiration in case you are about to, or you are thinking about a new swimming pool construction in your..

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Extending WiFi to the Swimming Pool Area

Swimming Pool Area

Whenever we spend the time and money to create the outdoor retreat of our dreams, we want to make sure that we take the time to ensure that we incorporate as many luxuries and comforts as possible. One of those luxuries that we may overlook for our swimming pool area is WiFi. Instead of sitting..

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3 Unusual Pool Fencing Options

pool fencing

There are many reasons to install pool fencing in your yard. For starters, it can help keep the critters out while also providing your family with the privacy they want when enjoying their swimming pool. There are many options to choose from regarding pool fencing as well, so you will want to familiarize yourself with..

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Using Glass Tiles in Your Swimming Pool

glass tiles

One of the more popular tile options for swimming pools is glass tiles. They are beautiful, durable, and come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and finishes so you can achieve the style and design you have been dreaming of. However, before you take the plunge and choose glass pool tiles for your swimming..

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3 Outdoor Dining Room Features

outdoor dining

Living in Florida means that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. For this reason, you should have some of the best outdoor dining & kitchen features for entertaining at your disposal including fireplaces, dining areas, and appliances. All of these items are perfect for entertaining during holidays and other special occasions and make..

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