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Why It Is Better To Own A Pool Than Go To The Beach!

Better To Own A Pool Than Go To The Beach

Florida has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. If you have beach access, you may think you don’t need a backyard pool. However, backyard pools have several advantages over going to the beach. Here are five reasons why owning a pool is better than going to a beach.

  1. Backyard Pools Are Cleaner Than Ocean Water

Between the natural debris, sea life, and pollution from industrial activities, the water at your local beach isn’t necessarily the cleanest. Backyard pools on the other hand provide clean, sanitized water that you control. So you will never have to worry about getting sick or having an allergic reaction to the water.

  1. Backyard Pools Are In Your Backyard

Loading up all your gear, fighting traffic and crowds, and finding parking can be a hassle. Instead of dealing with the stress of getting to the beach, you can literally walk right out of your backdoor into your own private, personal oasis.

  1. Backyard Pools Are Safer Than The Beach

Oceans are unpredictable. Large waves, dangerous sea life, and ranging depths can be pretty dangerous even for strong swimmers. Backyard pools have none of these hazards and provide a safe and comfortable place for your family to swim.

  1. You Can Swim Whenever You Want

Public beaches close, but your backyard pool is open whenever you want. Plus, you may not have the time it takes to get to the beach. If you have a busy schedule, a backyard pool is great because you can swim in your time.

  1. You Can Better Keep An Eye On Your Kids

Between the large open spaces and the crowds, it can be a bit tricky to keep tabs on your kids while at the beach. In your backyard pool, you can easily monitor their safety without the headache of having to chase them around.

In the end, it’s wonderful to take a trip to the beach now and again, but having a backyard pool is definitely better than going to the beach.

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