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The Best 5 Small Pool Water Features

Small Pool Water Features

If you have a small backyard swimming pool, you may be thinking your choice of water features are limited. However, there are plenty of options that can enhance the beauty and fun of a smaller pool. Here are five of the best small pool water features you can incorporate into your pool design:

1. Pedestal Fountains

Pedestal fountains are a great feature to add to a small swimming pool. They are thin and compact so they don’t take up much room. However, pedestal fountains can be as tall as you want for the added drama of a waterfall feature.

2. Scuppers

There are two kinds of scuppers that you can add to a small pool. The first is a wall-mounted scupper that can create a cascading stream of water into your pool. Wall-mounted scuppers only take a few inches of space but can be a really beautiful feature. The second type is a pedestal-mount scupper that is a small ornamental bowl that flows water into the pool. Pedestal mounted scuppers are very compact and come in a range of sizes to fit any pool.

3. Wall Spouts

Wall spouts are another great water feature for a small swimming pool. Wall spouts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and ornamentation to fit any size and style need. They take up very little space but can add beauty to your space.

4. Deck Jets

Deck jets shoot arching streams of water into your pool. Since deck jets are built right into the deck, they can be added to even the smallest pool. You can also easily incorporate lighting features into deck jets to make your backyard pool really stand out.

5. Fountain Bubblers

Fountain bubblers, also called foam or sun jets, are small fountains that shoot water out of the pool. They are installed along the floor of the pool and create small geysers of water on the water surface. Since they are built into the pool, they do not take up much space. So they are a great small pool feature.

You may be thinking that because you have a small backyard pool, you won’t be able to add interesting features. Nothing could be further from the truth. With these five water features, you can make even the smallest backyard pool a wonderful retreat.

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