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Benefits of Off-Season Pool Construction

Benefits of Off-Season Pool Construction

For most of America, outdoor swimming just isn’t a practical option throughout part of the year.  Even in states as far south as Florida and Texas, some areas get too cold for swimming without some kind of heat source.  Even many heated and insulated pools have to close as late fall turns into winter.

However, just because it’s too cold to swim doesn’t mean it’s too cold to build a new pool.  On the contrary, off-season pool construction is in many ways the perfect time, at least so long as it’s still warm enough for concrete to set properly.  Here are a few good reasons to consider off-season pool construction:

Lower Costs

Much like how winter clothing is cheapest in spring and summer clothes go on sale in fall, the off season for swimming is also the off season for pool contractors, which is why most of them will drop a thousand dollars or more off the price of a winter installation.  And just like how winter and summer clothing still work perfectly well the next time the appropriate season rolls around, your cheaper pool will be just the same as any pool built in the height of summer.

Faster Landscaping Turnaround

One of the unfortunate consequences of installing a pool is that your lawn will get shredded by the big earthmovers that have to navigate through your backyard.  That’s why many homeowners take the opportunity to landscape their yard – you’ll be starting back at bare earth anyway, so why not make it look better this time around?

By having the backhoe and the dump truck in and out while the temperature is low, you’ll have plenty of time for your lawn and gardens to recover by the time swimming season actually starts.  In fact, fall and winter happen to be the best seasons for planting grass seed, which means you’ll be able to save a lot of money by using it instead of sod.

Less Waiting

Because so many people decide to build a pool after the warm months hit, contractors are often unable to install them exactly when their clients want.  By planning your pool installation for the off season, you’ll be able to avoid the congestion and the waiting list so that the work is done exactly when you want it.

Happier Workers

Putting in a pool is a tough job that’s mainly done outdoors, which means the contractors who do the work will get hot and sweaty, especially in summer.  Thus, by doing the job when it’s cold out, they’ll be able to work harder for longer and without complaint.

Summer is the time when you most feel the heat and long for a cool dip in a nice pool, but it’s not the best time to actually install the pool.  Instead, you should show a little patience and have your pool installed in the off season, an action that will save you time, effort, and a substantial amount of money.

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