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Climate And Backyard Pools

backyard pools

Florida is a great state to live in and have a pool because unlike other states that actually have to endure a cold winter, the Tampa Bay area weather remains mild which means you can utilize your pool more often during the year.

With the increased length of time, you can use your pool, you will also find that the climate and temperature can affect elements of your pool. For example, when it rains, the chemistry of backyard pools can be affected.

The Average Pool Temperature in Tampa Bay

The average temperature of an unheated pool in the Tampa Bay area is approximately 78 degrees it is typically going to be around the same temperature as it currently is outdoors. This also means that the water temperature can go into the low fifties as well during the cooler seasons.

Understanding Pool Chemistry

Rain is known to contain acidic properties that can negatively impact the chemistry and balance of your swimming pool. The pH balance can be affected as well as the alkalinity levels, to name a few.

If there is going to be heavy rainfall, make sure to check the quality of the water before the rain starts. The rain is going to attack the active chlorine in the pool and will require you to balance it back out and bring it to the correct level following the storm.

Tampa Bay is sunny more often than not, and with all the sunshine, the chlorine may begin to dissipate. After spending the day in your pool, make sure to check the water quality and balance out the chemicals.

The sunshine also promotes the growth of algae, so be sure to keep up your chlorine levels to combat having to experience green water.

Pool Construction

If you don’t have the pool yet but are about to begin the construction journey, it is also important to note that backyard pools should be constructed during warmer weather.  However, it’s the Tampa Bay area – you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding some sunshine and warmth!

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