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Backyard Firepits: 8 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy by the Pool in the Winter

Pool in the Winter

Homeowners typically think of swimming pool areas in terms of hot-weather use. However, you want to be able to enjoy your backyard at all times, even when the temperature dips in the evening and during the colder months. Plus, a fire pit introduces a completely distinct space to relax with extended family, old friends, or colleagues.

Creative Backyard Firepit Ideas for Florida Winters

Those considering this cozy feature help explore firepit ideas that have proven popular in recent years. Here are 8 interesting ways to approach backyard firepits:

#1. Fire Swinging

Backyard patios and firepits can be integrated in beautiful ways. Use stones that match your garden, arranged in a circular pattern to draw attention to the fire pit. Install a curved arbor around the perimeter, then hang a patio swing or two from it. In this style, firepit ideas work well for alone time, giving you a lovely place to kick up your feet and read a book. By introducing vining flowers above the area, you can make the spot shadier for daytime use.

#2. Sunken Fireplace Seating

While fire pits are often raised, they are also frequently set into the ground. Many homeowners lower these backyard features so they can more easily control the fire and maintain safety. If you want to go that direction, try this creative twist from the hotel world:

  • Drop the seating area surrounding the fire into the ground as well.
  • Use long, cushioned benches.
  • Make them wide enough that your family and guests will have the option to sit up or lounge back against pillows. 

#3. Glass-shielded Fire

Backyard fire pits can be run down the center of a table, with glass partitions shielding your guests on either side. That way, the table is more easily usable. The design also improves safety for younger kids a bit — although the glass can get hot. Beyond those benefits, it gives the pit a similar feel to an indoor fireplace. If you are having a big party, it gives you a perfect place to set out appetizers.

#4. Floor Fire

When you want to combine backyard patios and firepits in unique ways:

  • Think beyond the conventional pit model.
  • Set a gas fireplace directly into the patio.
  • Keep in mind that this option may not be the best choice if you have children.

You also want to give people ample space to walk around the fire. Seating should be placed a minimum of two feet from these backyard firepits. Patio couches work well on either side.

#5. Beach Pit

When homeowners incorporate backyard patios and firepits, they often assume decking should lead right up to the pit. What about making that part of your backyard feel more like the beach? Install gravel around the firepit space. Use low chairs and tables for seating. By foregoing grass, you can save water and optimize sustainability. To create a serene ambiance, introduce pool waterfalls near these backyard firepits.

#6. Concrete Comfort

You may not think concrete is a comfortable choice, but it can be a slick and attractive way to approach a firepit. Use concrete for the walls, benches, ground, and firepit itself. Diversify the seating a bit with chairs. Go wild with cushioning on the benches, layering pillows two- or even three-deep along their backs. While concrete can be a great design choice for a modern home, the cushions help with color and make the area more inviting.

#7. Wizard’s Cauldron

Sitting around a fire pit in the evening, with starlight in the sky, can feel magical. Using a cast-iron cauldron is both attractive and ensures safety by containing the fire. Arrange Adirondack chairs around it. A great feature of that style of seating is that the arms are wide, giving guests a spot to place their drinks. Place small tables between the chairs around these backyard firepits for hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

#8. Rustic, Woodsy Fireplace 

Many homeowners who live adjacent to a forest want to mesh that natural environment with their backyard. Block off space with large rocks so that the fire cannot spread. That tactic is particularly important if the woods are nearby. Increase the rustic nature of the space by building benches out of tree trunks. Install a bowl or two of candles at the periphery.

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