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An Overview of Top Features for New Pools

An Overview of Top Features for New Pools

Your backyard pool can be more than just a place to cool off in the summer; with the right features and style, it can become your own island resort. When designing your new pool, consider the overall ambiance you want in your backyard. There are many ways to customize your pool to enhance your backyard and provide a relaxing and fun getaway for you and your family. These are a few of our favorite features that will quickly turn your new pool into the resort of your dreams:

  • Fountains. Incorporating fountains around your pool can give your backyard a creative and classic vibe. The sights and sounds will make your backyard a great place to relax.
  • Sculptures. This great option can add culture and artistic beauty to your pool area. You can combine sculptures with other complementary features to create any look you want.
  • Infinity pools. Consider an infinity-style pool as you design your backyard oasis. This sleek style of pool appears to have no edge. This is an option that creates a beautiful aesthetic in which the pool meets the sky without interruption.
  • Decking. Decking combines your pool and sitting area into a resort style relaxation area. If you plan to have a bar or BBQ pit near the pool, consider using decking to create a cohesive feel.
  • Fire pit. If you want to kick your backyard game up a notch, why not include a fire pit? Building in a seating area around an on-deck or off-deck fire pit means you will be able to enjoy your backyard year-round.
  • Waterfalls. Adding a waterfall to your pool will instantly bring an island resort feel to your yard. This is one of the most popular additions to swimming pools because it’s an easy way to add character and beauty to your pool area.
  • Lighting. Use lighting in and around the pool to make nighttime swimming fun and safe for the whole family. Colored lights can add a unique and fun nighttime element to your pool.

With such a wide range of options, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to design the backyard pool of your dreams. Olympus Pools, your Tampa Pool Contractor, understands that your backyard should be your paradise, so give us a call today at 813-983-7854 to learn even more ways to turn your backyard into an island resort.

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