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An Overview of Lap Swimming Pools

An Overview of Lap Swimming Pools

When most people think of lap swimming pools, they think of large, deep structures that sometimes have special features like infinity edges or water features. While these pools are great options, they could strain your budget and outdoor space, and they might be too intimidating for young or inexperienced swimmers. If you’ve always wanted a pool but your choices are limited, a lap pool may be for you.

Consider the following perks.

Health Benefits

A lap pool is so named because it’s the perfect size for laps or practicing basic swimming. Lap pools are usually rectangular and about 50 feet long – sometimes less. Some lap pools are circular, often built above ground. These pools are well known for their health benefits. Beginning and intermediate swimmers use them to improve their skills. Additionally, lap pools can be used for water aerobics or aquatic yoga, which tones muscles, exercises the heart, and reduces weight and stress. Elderly swimmers and disabled persons with loose or tight muscle tone can use a lap pool to stave off osteoarthritis and other painful disorders.

Safety Benefits

Children should learn to swim as soon as possible, especially if you live in an area close to water. Yet many first-time swimmers are afraid because standard pools seem too large or deep. Public pools can be too crowded and loud for some swimmers, and infinity edges can make them feel like there is no solid barrier to keep them safe.

If you’re a reluctant swimmer or know someone who is, a lap pool may be your solution. The limited depth and length, as well as the presence of solid grips, will increase security. Lap swimming pools can only hold a certain number of swimmers, which will reduce crowds and noise.

Decorative Advantages

Since lap pools are small, using one will give you plenty of decorating space. Many homeowners place plants in and around their pool area; with a lap pool, you can utilize more and bigger plants. Consider orchids, sunflowers, ferns, and other large varieties of greenery. Add your favorite chairs, a chaise lounge, or even a swing to the pool area to encourage relaxation. Your lap pool may not be big enough for a fountain or underwater lighting, but deck lighting and a nearby fountain can provide a similar effect.

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