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Amazing photos of the largest pool in the world

As you and your family plan a custom swimming pool design for your home, find inspiration in this marvelous swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile. This incredible pool holds an astonishing 66 million gallons, and cost over $1 billion to construct. The pool boasts an incredible 22 acres, easily becoming the largest structural achievement in the city of Algarrobo. While you might not be constructing such a major behemoth on your property anytime soon, it’s still a structural achievement to admire.     One of the most obvious features of this mammoth pool is its unique shape. The pool maintains a straight line against the ocean while curvaceously hugging against the San Alfonso del Mar Resort. This is a stunning reminder to homeowners and commercial property owners alike that swimming pools don’t necessarily have to come in an oval, Grecian, or circular shape. A pool can be custom-designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. While you might not be after the grandiose design that has defined the San Alfonso del Mar Resort, you can still explore custom poolscapes and features. The lagoon’s expanse is so massive that guests can even kayak and lounge in inflatable devices all day long. In fact, the pool is so large that is seems more like a luxury aquatic experience than it does a dip in the swimming pool. Likewise, as a homeowner, you can enhance your pool experience with luxury accessories and beautiful designs. For instance, homeowners who want to “go all out” can invest in accessories including a waterslide, waterfall, and bubbling fountains. From inflatable chairs to a volleyball net, there are also many playthings that will enhance the pool experience. Remember, there’s more to do in a pool than just swim! So why did the San Alfonso del Mar Resort build such a massive swimming pool against the ocean? It turns out that the Chile waterfront contains some of the harshest coasts in the world. The water is so cold and frequently dangerous that it’s actually prohibited to swim in the ocean! Thus, the San Alfonso del Mar Resort wanted a pool experience that could replicate a beautiful tropical paradise. Likewise, as a Florida homeowner, you have the opportunity to create a luxury pool experience in your backyard. What design will you choose?

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