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All About Swimming Pool Pumps

With the profusion of swimming pool pump options available, many consumers are confused as to which one to purchase. We want our customers to have everything they need for a pool in excellent working order. Contact us for more information regarding the right pump for your pool. Different pumps are appropriate for different pools. Cost, features, and upgrade options are all elements that must be weighed when choosing swimming pool pumps.

Single Speed Pumps
Single-speed swimming pool pumps are the standard choice for most pool owners. These are the least expensive type of pump but have incredible long-term operational costs. Running up to $2,000 a year to operate, one of these pumps is often the most expensive appliance in any home. It is possible to upgrade a single speed motor to a two speed. This is an ideal option for pool owners with aging motors who want to cut their energy bills considerably.

Two Speed Motors
Dual speed motors are really just a variation of the single speed design. They have the option for a more efficient, low-speed setting that is intended for everyday use. The higher speed is usually only turned on when vacuuming the pool.

These pumps are much more expensive than single speed versions. Yet they have comparable service life expectancies at 3-8 years on average. Take this into consideration when purchasing a new motor.

Variable Speed Motors
Variable speed motors operate on an entirely different principle than single and dual-speed motors. These pumps utilize what is known as a permanent magnet motor, the same type used in electric cars. These motors allow the user to set the exact flow rate for their pool, using the principle of slower is better when it comes to pool water circulation. This is because reducing the flow of water lowers friction, making the entire system more efficient.
With higher up-front costs, many consumers get instant sticker shock. However, these systems are 90% more efficient than single-speed pumps, which can mean big savings in operational costs.

Contact us today to learn more about purchasing a new swimming pool pump or upgrading an existing system. This process is often quite confusing, so be sure to get the expert advice from the pool specialists you can always trust.

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