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Advantages of Swimming Pool Waterfalls

To have a functioning pool, you need a few basic things:  a filtration system, a cover or a fence, a heating system if you want to use it during the cooler months, and a chemical kit so that you can test and maintain the right balance of germ-killing chemicals so that the water stays healthy and clean.  A waterfall is certainly more than you absolutely need to enjoy and maintain a pool, but there are a number of benefits it can bring if you do:

  1. White Noise

The sound of moving water is so relaxing that people can make a living by driving out to the coastline and recording the sound of the waves coming in.  The same is true for babbling brooks and rushing waterfalls, and as such there’s a real benefit to leaning back and enjoying the sound of a backyard waterfall whether you’re in the pool or simply relaxing in an outdoor lounge chair.

  1. Beauty

Waterfalls come in all different shapes and sizes, making them perfectly customizable to any backyard pool shape and design aesthetic you may have in place.  You can even find waterfalls that light up at night thanks to LEDs or fiber optic lighting.  Some are big enough to fit along one side of your pool, and some are small enough that they hardly qualify as more than a spout.  Endless pools technically involve a waterfall since one side is only as high as the water level, and they have their own particular beauty.

  1. Algae Deterrent

A rolling stone gathers no moss and moving water gathers no algae.  While a natural pond or small lake will tend to gather large patches of algae, especially around the edges, you won’t find it collecting on the surface of a fast-moving brook or stream.  That said, if your waterfall features its own small pools you should make sure you run it often enough that it doesn’t wind up becoming a haven for algae instead.

  1. Filtration

More than just adding a current, the right kind of waterfall can double as a filtration system, thus giving it a completely practical purpose on top of adding to the visual and auditory beauty of your pool.

While you may not need a waterfall, there are certainly plenty of advantages to getting one.  As with any other major design aspect, it’s best to install a waterfall when you install the pool itself, but even if it’s too late for that it shouldn’t cost too much to add one in later.

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