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Advantages of Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Your pool will grow old just the same as anything else in your home, including your home itself.  That means you’ll have to keep track of the pH level and make sure the filters and motors are all in good shape, but it also means that the surface of the pool itself will slowly weather over time.  The earth doesn’t stand still, after all – even in the least tectonically active areas of the world, the ground will slowly shift around from one year to the next.

What all that means is that from time to time you may need to resurface your pool.  Chances are pretty good that what you’ve got right now is a simple plaster job, but these days there are a variety of options you can choose from which may turn out to improve your pool even beyond where it started.


This is less a solution and more a stopgap measure to keep the pool from getting worse until you can get a proper resurfacing done.  A good epoxy paint will cover over the cracks and jagged edges, but it won’t last for more than a couple years at best.


This is the basic option, but even so it’ll give you a nice, clean finish without any of the jags or cracks of a worn-out plaster job.  Plaster even comes in a variety of colors, although white and light blue are the traditional options for good reason.


What do you get when you mix plaster with quartz and other rocks?  A sparkling new finish for your pool, that’s what.  Aggregate is not only more durable than plain plaster, it’s got a better look, too.  On the other hand, its downsides include both a higher price and a rough texture that isn’t to everyone’s taste.


Compared to plaster, ceramic tiles are much more durable, although you’ll be paying for that extra endurance.  Still, if you can afford a tile finish, you could potentially create any number of patterns along your pool’s wall and base.

Everything is bound to start falling apart over time, and a pool is no different.  If you start to see cracks and sharp edges in its plaster surface, don’t avoid going in, get it resurfaced so that you’ll be able to make good use of it for years to come.

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