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Accenting Your Pool Area with the Perfect Landscaping

Pool Area with the Perfect Landscaping

Everyone wants their pool to be the star of the show (and most likely it is), but accenting your pool with pristine landscaping and design elements will enhance your pool’s best qualities and transform your outdoor space into a tropical paradise. The best way to accentuate a pool is with plants, ground coverings and patios. Let’s discover how to use these elements to create a unique and inviting poolside space.


Before choosing plants, it’s important to consider placement options and climate. For example, a small tree or bush planted near a heated pool may become affected by the increase in humidity. Furthermore, some plants are not able to survive when exposed to chlorine or other chemicals. Choose a type of plant that’s compatible with your space, climate and pool type. Depending on location, it’s simple to create the appearance of a tropical oasis by adding a hibiscus plant or bird of paradise. Martha Washington geraniums complement the colors in hibiscus nicely and can be used to adorn walkways and poolside paths.

Ground Covers

Apart from eye-catching plants and flowers, using shrubs, rocks or sand to cover the ground surrounding a pool creates a unified overall appearance. Using sand to make a “sand box” area of your outdoor space is a fun way to make use of the ground and give children another place to play. Additionally, using pebbles or rocks to frame your pool’s location accentuates the area while allowing rapid drainage of spilled water. Popular poolside ground covers include salvia, pachysandra and creeping Jenny, a bush that blooms yellow flowers during the summertime. Strategically placed bushes and plants can help cover open areas of ground and gives do-it-yourself enthusiasts a fun weekend project.

Patios & Decks

Adding a porch, patio or other casual living space to your pool is a great way to make better use of the area and accentuate the appearance of a pool. A custom poolside deck serves as the foundation for any landscape and can be designed to complement any pool shape. Decks can be created from wood, concrete, stone and other materials. If adding a deck, take into account whether the material used will be slippery after getting wet. Most types of wood and some types of stone are less slick when wet and are an ideal choice for poolside decks.

These basic elements of poolside landscaping can be combined and customized in countless ways. Don’t be afraid to mix and match design elements to suit your unique style!

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