Premium Quality Work

Simply The Best

With over 200 years of combined experience, 

our staff takes pride in being known throughout Tampa as the premium pool builder in the Tampa Bay area! There is a reason that the majority of our work comes from word of mouth. We have earned this reputation by putting a premium on quality work, aggressive scheduling & customer service. We understand you have many companies to choose from to build your new swimming pool. We have also found many pool builders in the area have a reputation for dragging projects out over 4-5 months, sometimes even 6 months at a time! We find this unacceptable and feel our clients deserve better.

We are renowned for our combination of quick completion times and top notch quality.

We refer to our methods and attitude as the Olympus Way:



O is for Outstanding Designs and a Creative Approach – we design every swimming pool construction uniquely to your taste, budget, and space. There is no pool “menu”. Every project is as unique as your home, family, and lifestyle.



L is for Lightning Fast Construction – many companies use the cheapest labor possible and drag projects out over many months. We know construction is not the fun part and you are eager to enjoy your pool. We have specific methods in place to maintain our quality standards while expediting the construction process.



Y is for You – you and your family are our number one concern. Olympus Pools is the only Tampa pool contractor that puts you first. We promise to give our absolute best service and quality for your new pool construction project.



M is for Maintenance – it is our belief that the last thing you need is another chore. Pool construction has come a long way over the years and when we build you a new pool, we will create your area to require as little maintenance as humanly possible. We include several free upgrades in order to create a new area requiring very little maintenance.



P is for Promise – we promise to treat you like our family (actually, the family that we really like!). Your phone calls will be answered or returned, and we will make sure you receive the absolute highest quality of swimming pool construction. We promise.



U is for Understanding – we understand that you want a pool or spa for enjoyment and relaxation and you want an affordable price, great quality, and friendly people to work with. We understand you will have questions and we promise that will be there every step of the way.



S is for Service – we care about delivering great service to you, and to our community. Olympus Pools as a company along with our staff will always be involved in programs that help improve the way of life for as many local families as possible.

With Olympus Pools, a highly acclaimed Tampa pool contractor, you can be sure that our dedication to premium quality, exceptional service, and over 200 years of combined experience will leave you in the best hands to handle your new swimming pool construction project!