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About Swimming Pool Slides

Swimming Pool Slides are one of the most popular pool accessories. But despite how much fun they might provide, slides are a potential safety risk. We find pride in taking care of our customers and ensuring their safety. Let us guide you through the installation and safe use of a swimming pool slide.

Why Get a Pool Slide at All?

Many pool owners consider buying a slide for youngsters. Perhaps they played on a pool slide in their youth or have friends and neighbors with slides and want to have one of their own.

The Risks to Consider

A pool slide allows your children to play on a nine-foot ladder over concrete and water. Talk to our pool safety experts to mitigate the risks associated with pool slides. Pool slides are one of the most common causes of poolside injuries. Concrete surfaces become slippery when wet, as well as the metal or plastic steps for the pool. Injuries occur most often because of carelessness during normal childlike horseplay.

In 1976, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued mandatory safety standards for swimming pool slide manufacturing and construction. These regulations are meant to ensure swimming pool slides are designed in a way that mitigates dangers as much as possible. Despite strong regulations, though, enforcement is difficult. Defective and worn pool slides may cause severe injuries. Be sure to ask us about the best options for pool slides that will ensure your and your family’s safety.

Costs and Economic Impact

One common misconception is that a slide will enhance the value of a pool and therefore the property where it is built. Slides are less commonly found on pools these days because of the risks, so one must consider investing in one carefully. Safety regulations regarding the construction and manufacture of pool slides have increased the related costs. Slides are more expensive now than ever, and building one properly requires expertise in engineering and construction.

We are committed to the safety of our customers and ensuring they get the greatest benefit out of pool ownership. We are happy to discuss adding a pool slide to your existing or planned pool.

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