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About Swimming Pool Heaters

Just because the weather cools down at the end of summer doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your pool. Swimming Pool heaters allow homeowners to get the most out of their swimming pools all year round. Traditionally, swimming pool heaters were an expensive, luxury upgrade that not all pool owners could afford. Changes in technology, however, technology are changing that, making new, affordable options available to keep your pool warm throughout the year.

Extend Your Swimming Pool Season By A Few Weeks

Solar covers extend your pools’ swimming season by a few weeks. These covers are both easy to use and cost-effective. After all, they heat the water with a free resource –the sun. Solar covers heat up from the warmth of the sun during the day and continue to retain heat overnight. By installing a solar reel, rolling out and removing a solar cover becomes an easy, one-man task. For an even more cost-effective option, solar rings are smaller versions of covers that simply float around on the surface of your pool. Solar covers and rings can be used in all types of pools in all climates, and they have no operating costs. However, they are best suited for sunnier climates that have a longer hot season, as the heat increase is only marginal.

Keep Your Pool Warm Year-Round In Milder Climates

Electric heat pumps cost a bit more up front, but over time they are a cost effective way for homeowners in mild climates to heat their pool. These heaters are designed to work in climates where the temperature doesn’t fall below 50 degrees. They can be either completely electric or solar powered. Once the heat pump is installed, it has a very low operating cost over time. Combined with solar covers, electric heat pumps can be used for maximum heating efficiency.

Heat A Pool In Cold Climates And Get A Few Extra Swimming Months

Gas heaters are the most costly, but they are worth the price if you are looking for a warm pool. These heaters can warm up a pool by to 30 degrees, and they do it fast. Capable of extending the swimming season by a few months, gas heaters are best used in colder climates where the hot season is very short. Keep in mind that gas heaters cannot be used with above ground pools. The main drawback with gas heaters is their high operational costs and environmental impact. Home owners can keep costs down by only using the gas heater when needed and keeping a solar cover on the pool when not in use.

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