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A Smart Home with a Smart Pool

Technology is everywhere – literally! From the way we make our coffee to smart air conditioning systems that keep our offices cool, technology has revolutionized our lives. Similarly, why not make your life more convenient by exploring technological options for your swimming pool? You’ll be amazed by the conveniences that technology has extended to pool owners across the state. While not every piece of swimming pool smart technology will be right for your needs, you’ll enjoy the convenience of controlling your pool right from your fingertips!

1. Mobile device control. Do you need to control the water temperature, filter pump, or fountain function on your pool? New technology makes it possible to operate and manage your pool remotely with a cell phone or mobile device that has web access. So even if you’re at work and you realized that you forgot to adjust the heater for the pool, you can control the water temperature without having to make the drive home.

2. Safety devices. Many pool owners with children are consistently looking for ways to ensure the safety of their loved ones in the water. By installing motion detectors on the fence around the pool, you can ensure that you’re aware anytime someone is stepping into the water. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 10 people die each day in the United States from accidental drowning related to wandering around the pool.

3. Waterproof technology. Let’s face it. We carry our smartphones, music devices, and cameras with us everywhere these days, so why not bring them into the water as well? Whether it’s a waterproof armband or a case specifically designed for your device to function underwater, there are many possibilities to ensure that your device is safe in the pool.

4. Toys. Instead of simply getting pool noodles (not that there’s anything wrong with them!), why not consider getting technological toys for your swimming pool? A small remote controlled motorboat, for instance, is a unique way to make your swimming experience just a little more fun.

When it comes to getting new technology for your swimming pool, keep in mind that it’s there for your convenience. Whether it makes it easier to manage your pool or makes the swimming experience more enjoyable, smart pool technology is focused on you and your happiness as a pool owner!

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