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9 Reasons Why Swimming Pool Spas are Perfect for Florida Winters

Why Swimming Pool Spas are Perfect for Florida Winters

You could think of Florida summers as a time of action and Florida winters as a time of rejuvenation. For many reasons, swimming pool spas are an ideal backyard addition for the cool season. They keep your pool area relevant and engaging throughout the year, offering a broad array of health and wellness benefits.

Top Benefits of Swimming Pool Spas in Winter

1. Small size

Swimming pool spas are ideal because they are small. Homeowners love how easy it is to fit a spa in their yards, even sometimes putting them on slopes. It is also possible to build them in-ground or integrate them into your deck.

Due to the smallness, it is easy to make room for an adjacent sitting area or to go with a combination lap swimming pool and spa. People sometimes switch out fish ponds for swimming pool spas in their gardens. It is also common to install trees or other privacy landscaping around the spa.

The small size means maintenance is also very simple, which is great during the colder months.

2. Portable options

If you are looking at swimming pool and spa options but hesitating because you might move, look into portable spas. With these self-contained options, you are able to retain your investment and move the spa with you to a new home.

3. Hydrotherapy

More people want at-home ways to treat health conditions as the US population ages, and many are utilizing hydrotherapy. Whether you have fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, or a physical injury, this therapeutic approach could help relieve pain and improve function. Actually, physicians started recommending injuries and illnesses be treated with underwater exercise, hold and cold water submersion, and whirlpools in the nineteenth century.

Care must be taken to prevent reinjury and rehabilitate methodically following injury or surgery. You can get the same benefits you would from the hydrotherapy pool at a physical therapy clinic with your own swim spa.

Again, since winter is well-suited for restoration and rejuvenation, swimming pool spas are an excellent winter-friendly addition to your backyard.

4. Better sleep

Sleep requires a calm mind and body. By minimizing tension and readying the body for sleep, a swim spa can perfectly prepare you for slumber. Even insomnia sufferers sometimes find relief with spas.

5. Lower stress

Leading to such serious conditions as heart disease and high blood pressure, stress must be minimized for optimal health. Potential outcomes of prolonged stress extend to fatigue, reduced immunity, and burnout. Stress tends to rise during the holidays and at the start of the year as New Year’s resolutions take the spotlight; restorative calm washes over you through the warm waters of a swim spa.

6. Swim training

If you want to perform at your best as a swimmer, whether you are competitive or recreational, training is key to maintain your fitness and more firmly ingrained fundamentals. Swimming pool spas were invented as a way for swimmers to train by swimming against an adjustable current. In that way, they could forego a full-size pool but still make progress. Experience the convenience and consistency of at-home swim training with a swimming pool spa – particularly helpful given limited public pool access during the winter.

7. Swimming lessons

Parents generally want their kids to be able to swim, both for entertainment and safety. Plus, it is a low-impact exercise that can benefit their lifelong health. Unfortunately, there may not be a pool nearby. Even if there is, you may not feel comfortable having your son or daughter take lessons at a public pool, preferring at-home swimming pool and spa options.

Your children can learn basic swimming skills using the controlled space of swimming pool spas. You can bring in a teacher to help them learn. If you do it yourself, the essence is to help them feel comfortable in the water. Then get them used to tread water. Finally, slowly start using the jets to deliver a current for them to swim against. Again, winter is a great time for lessons so you can be well-prepared for swim season.

8. Aquatic fitness

Workouts beyond swimming are possible within a swim spa. You can find resistance and swimming video tutorials online that focus on various muscle groups. Here are three:

The most straightforward one is using it as a treadmill, adjusting the jets to a reasonable level, and running against the current.

You can also exercise your legs by positioning your head against the current and your feet on the wall, straightening your legs, and holding them.

For your arms, to create a similar motion to pull-ups, grab the edge of your swimming pool spa and pull yourself toward it, against the current.

9. Social & family benefits

You can have fun with friends, play with your grandchildren, or enjoy a romantic evening lounge in your spa. It is a great place to have an intimate conversation. A swim spa can also be a motivational tool for a couple, using it as a way to encourage one another’s exercise goals.

Swimming Pool and Spa Possibilities

Swimming pool spas are diverse. You could create a relaxing natural oasis surrounded by tiki torches. You could plan an above ground spa that spills into your swimming pool. You could set a natural-stone waterfall beside a minimalist underground spa. The possibilities are endless.

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