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5 Tips to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Swimming Pool

Efficiency of Your Swimming Pool

The cost of owning and maintaining a swimming pool can be overwhelming, especially when you consider all the energy costs to keep the water clean and comfortable. Fortunately, keeping your water in top shape doesn’t necessarily have to break your pocketbook. By familiarizing yourself with these energy saving tips, you can enjoy your custom pool at an affordable price. To improve the energy efficiency of your swimming pool, be sure to:

1. Consider it in the planning. If you haven’t yet built your swimming pool, taking energy efficiency into consideration will ensure that you get a pool design that focuses on energy. Furthermore, consider the timing of your pool construction project, as this can help you save money as well. In general, it’s more affordable to build a pool in the fall, winter, and even early spring, as most contractors are not buried alive in work.

2. Get time clocks. Instead of having the filter running all day long, consider purchasing intermatic time clocks that are designed to turn the filtration on during specific points of the day. Not only does this keep the pool clean, but it will reduce your energy consumption as well.

3. Take advantage of the latest technology. The newest heaters and filters on the market are designed to be the most energy efficient models yet. By using the newest technology, you’re ensuring that your pool is saving more money than a pool using an outdated system. Aside from the system itself, technology even allows pool owners to control their systems remotely via mobile devices. If you forget to turn off your filter when you go to work, this allows you to save money by shutting it down from work instead of leaving it on all day.

4. Maintenance. As your equipment experiences continued use, the moving parts will eventually wear out begin to lag in performance. Maintaining your pool and its systems is critical to keeping everything as efficient as possible. Premature motor failure in your heater or filter, for instance, will put a strain on the system and will undoubtedly result in an expensive energy bill.

5. Use solar heating. Instead of investing in a traditional pool heater, solar heating will allow you to take advantage of the energy that the sun has to offer. This saves money while increasing energy efficiency since the source of heat will come from the sun itself.

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