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5 Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

5 Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

Swimming is a fun activity that can be enjoyed year-round. However, there are many myths about swimming that have gained popularity over the years. Let’s review some of the most common myths about swimming, and why they’re not true.

Myth #1: You Should Wait an Hour After Eating Before Going Swimming

The one-hour rule is one of the oldest myths in the book. It’s true that your body sends blood to your stomach during digestion, which leaves less blood in other areas. However, the idea that you will develop a cramp and drown because of this process is not true. Your body reserves enough blood in your limbs and extremities to support swimming after eating.

Myth #2: You Don’t Need to Shower Before Entering a Pool

Even if you bathed that morning, it is important to shower off before entering a pool. Substances such as body oils, sweat, and urine are present on our bodies at all times, which follow us into the pool. Showering before swimming is not only a way to clean yourself, but is also a courtesy to other swimmers.

Myth #3: Strong Chemical Odors Accompany Clean Pools

Contrary to popular belief, strong-smelling pools are not necessarily clean ones. In fact, heavy odors indicate that contaminants have formed in the water. When these substances build up, pools become unclean and run the risk of spreading infections and germs. An easy way to tell if a pool is clean is to check its odors. A well-maintained pool has little to no odor, whereas unclean pools smell strongly of chlorine and other chemicals.

Myth #4: A Clear Pool Is a Clean One

Similar to the smell myth, clear pools are often thought to indicate cleanliness. In actuality, clear pools can be riddled with microorganisms, germs, and chemical particles. The healthiness of a pool cannot be seen by human eyes, so clarity does not guarantee cleanliness.

Myth #5: Pools Are Expensive to Maintain

One of the biggest deterrents to homeowners who are considering a pool installation is the cost. Many people believe that pools are money sinks that are costly to maintain. However, pools often pay for themselves within just a few short years. The initial installation fees may be high, but routine maintenance typically costs far less than expected.

There are endless myths about the dangers of swimming, but fortunately, many of these are not true. Don’t let myths about swimming pools prevent you from having fun!

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