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5 Swimming Pool Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Part of the fun of a swimming pool is that it puts everything you need for a family outing right in your backyard. You can use a pool to teach your kids how to swim, for exercise, for sports training, or just to pass the time, and you can do any of these things individually or together as a family. It’s not too difficult to think up new and interesting ways to use a pool, but if you’re having trouble getting started, here are a few swimming pool games you might not have considered:

1. Marco Polo

It’s just not Marco Polo unless you’re in the pool. If you’ve never heard of this game, one person closes his or her eyes and shouts, “Marco!” and then everyone else has to reply, “Polo!” The round ends when the blind person tags another player, but the players are free to move around between cries. The tagged person must then close his or her eyes, and the round begins again.

2. Swim Races

This is a simple game you can do in practically any swimming pool, and it’s a great way to get kids to practice their swimming. All you need is a stopwatch (or a stopwatch app) and you’re good to go. Adults and experienced swimmers can give themselves handicaps to make the contest fair, or else they can make their times something for the kids to strive for.

3. Water Volleyball

Water volleyball is played by the same basic rules as regular volleyball, which means that players must hit the ball over a net without grabbing it, letting it land in their area, or knocking it out of bounds. However, the water adds an extra element by raising the play surface, giving players the ability to jump higher, and making it harder to move around.

4. Water Polo

Water polo may very well be more popular than the normal kind considering you don’t need a horse to play. Water polo actually plays a lot more like rugby or football, because each team needs to throw a ball into the other team’s net. Contact is allowed, but you can only use one hand to catch, carry, or throw the ball.

5. Water Basketball

This is a team sport like water polo, but the rules are somewhat different. You have to get the ball in a floating hoop instead of a goal, players can’t move more than two steps with the ball, contact is not allowed, and you can use both hands instead of just one.

Pools can be a real sea of possibilities if you know what your options are. Whether you just need a weekend to relax or if you’re going for a full-on staycation, a backyard pool adds new possibilities to any lazy day you spend at home.

If you have ideas for other swimming pool games, leave us a comment below!

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