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5 Reasons to Add a New Swimming Pool to Your Home

Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase their home’s value and their own living experience. A new swimming pool can provide a fun way to exercise, a great gathering place for friends and family, and an activity that beats summer boredom for your kids. Below are a few other benefits to having a home pool or water feature:

  1. Stress relief. Water relieves stress for many people. Its trickling, meandering sound, the sight of it moving slowly and continuously, and the feel of it constantly swirling around your hand, foot, or body are very relaxing. Fountains, pools, hot tubs, and even small springs or waterfalls are calming influences for homeowners.
  2. Aesthetics. Water is a natural force, and tying your home into the natural world through the medium of water is a great way to raise the aesthetic appeal of your home. Streams and fountains can give your yard a traditional feel, while pools and spas offer a modern but still sophisticated atmosphere.
  3. Increase home value. Homebuyers are almost always impressed by a home with a new swimming pool, especially if the home still has a large and open yard. Hot tubs are also popular and great for raising the home value. While a pool won’t increase the value of every home, the National Association of Realtors claims that pools do add value to the average home in the United States.
  4. Works and relaxes muscles. A pool is a great way to exercise while doing minimal impact damage to the body. It doesn’t hurt the legs like running, and it keeps your joints loose. Swimming offers one of the best complete body workouts of any exercise, and relaxing in a hot tub afterwards is a great way to ensure your muscles don’t tense up or get sore.
  5. Better heart health. Swimmers have low resting heart rates, lower blood pressure, and better circulation. Pools are great for aerobic exercise and keeping your body in good physical condition. Hot tubs and spas are also good for you, widening your blood vessels, increasing circulation, and lowering your blood pressure.

To take advantage of the number of benefits that water features can offer, consider contacting Olympus Pools, a custom pool builder in Tampa . We offer many different types of pool services and would be glad to help you install a private water feature.

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