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5 Plants That Are Great for Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Welcome nature into your yard by incorporating some pool-friendly plants into your pool and landscape design. These plants are well-suited to swimming pool landscaping because they are “cleaner” than most plants, meaning they won’t drop leaves or seeds into the pool. However, they do turn your pool into an oasis with bursts of color and foliage. These plants are great choices in pool design, and here’s how you can use them to make your pool a resort-worthy retreat.

Shady Plants With Lots of Foliage

If you desire large, tropical leaves, ornamental banana plants and large elephant trees make a great shady overhang in your pool landscape. Banana plants are hardy to most US zones (5-10) and can get up to 14 feet tall and wide. Elephant ear trees grow in warmer climates (zones 8-10) and have individual leaves up to 6 feet long. The best feature of these plants is that they create a lot of shade without dropping hundreds of tiny leaves into your pool.

Privacy Plants

Low-maintenance privacy screens can be landscaped using clumping perennial plants, like heliconia and bamboo. Like banana plants, heliconia has large tropical leaves that provide shade and will flower throughout the season (hardy in zones 8-11). Heavenly bamboo (actually a clumping shrub, not a bamboo) and Papyrus are excellent privacy screens that are very low maintenance. They grow in colder US zones (5-9) and can get up to 8 feet tall.

Flowering Shrubs

Evergreen flowering shrubs are perfect for in ground pool landscaping, as they are low to the ground and can be trimmed neatly. Shrubs like evergreen rhododendron and hibiscus offer big beautiful flowers in the spring and summer as well as leaves that don’t drop. 

Perennial Flowers

If you want to infuse your landscape with color without the annoyance of picking flowers out of your pool, shoot for low maintenance perennials like daylilies and Agapanthus. Daylilies grow in zones 2-10, and its large flowers sit atop a tall stalk, blooming for 24 hours. Agapanthus is hardy to zones 6-10 and comes in vibrant shades of blue purple and white. Its clumps of flowers burst into bloom and look like a firework of color.

Keep Bugs Out

Plants can do a lot more for your landscape than just make it look pretty. Plants like lemon balm, marigolds, and citronella can be planted on a border and will keep mosquitoes away from your

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