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5 Improvements to Make Your Pool Drop Jaws

Your Pool Drop Jaws

These days, having a great pool is about more than just having a concrete rectangle full of water. In order to make your pool area really pop, you need to consider different design elements, ideally working to create a lush tropical paradise right in your own backyard. There are many different, imaginative pool designs, but there are a few basics that are sure to do well. Here are five excellent ways to get eye-popping results for your backyard pool design.

1. Waterfall

There’s not much more you can do to ensure your backyard pool really makes a splash than to install a waterfall feature. The sights and sounds this feature provides are soothing. Waterfalls are beautiful, one of nature’s wonders, and having one right in your backyard is an undeniable luxury sure to turn heads.

2. Lighting

Underwater lighting gives your backyard a magical, welcoming vibe during those summer nights. It shimmers and sparkles and in general makes everything just a bit more mysterious. Great underwater lighting elevates your nighttime pool festivities from good to extraordinary – and memorable.

3. Infinity

An infinity pool is one of the most impressive features available in pool design; and though it’s high-end, it is guaranteed to make your pool one of the most talked about in the neighborhood.

4. Spa

A spa and hot tub are sure-fire improvements to make your pool area more appealing. Nothing says fun like peeling back the cover on the hot tub and firing up the jets. Many unique features are being incorporated into spa and hot tub designs, integrating them with the overall look of your pool area in brilliant new ways. With therapeutic benefits to boot, it’s certain that a spa will help make your pool the talk of the town.

5. Waterslide

A waterslide is more than just fun for the kids – it can be fun for all ages. Some pools even have waterslides that are built into the rock features surrounding the pool, making the whole design both beautiful and fun.  

Consider these ideas to spark your own imagination and take your pool design to the next level.

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