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5 Cool Swimming Pool Upgrades

In a world of smartphones, smart tablets, and even smart tables, smart cars, and smart houses, it’s natural to expect a little automation and high-tech wizardry from your pool, as well.  Here are five cool swimming pool upgrades that can help you bring your backyard into the digital age:

  1. LED And Fiber Optic Lighting

Do you want your pool to glow without any visible light source?  How about covering the bottom of the pool with dozens of sparkling lights that mimic the starry sky above?  Or how about a flashing light show?  With the right LED or fiber optic light setup, not only will you be able to keep using your pool after dark, you’ll be able to express your creative side with different programs and designs.

  1. An Automatic Cover

An automatic cover doesn’t just keep people from accidentally tumbling into the pool, it also traps in the heat and prevents excessive evaporation. If you get one with a wireless remote, you can even open the cover with the push of a button from inside your house, allowing you to zip through the backyard on a chilly spring or fall day and jump straight into the heated pool water.

  1. An Automatic Pool

There’s no two ways about it:  maintaining a pool takes either a lot of time or a fair amount of money.  But what if you could automate all the constant pH checks, the filter replacing, and all the cleaning?  These days there’s no need to wonder, because there are a variety of pool automation systems out on the market which you can install in new and existing pools alike.

  1. Waterfalls And Fountains

You can add both an aesthetic look and a relaxing sound to your pool with just a little running water.  The waterfall can run over a natural rock display, off an artificial aqueduct, or whatever else would suit your backyard best. As for the fountain, if you get the right design it will not only be a visual bonus to your pool, you can also program patterns to compliment an LED light show.

  1. Salt Water System

You aren’t supposed to drink pool water anyway, right?  Not only is salt a natural source of chlorine and an easier way to maintain chlorine levels in your pool, but the salt water is supposedly better for your skin than ordinary chlorinated water.

The Information Age is here, and every day it’s making our lives easier and more fun.  And when everything else is benefiting from new techniques and new technology, why should your pool be left out in the cold?

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