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5 Benefits of Solar Heating Your Pool

Even though Florida enjoys mild autumn and winter seasons, the drop in temperature is enough to make it too chilly to take a swim. If you want to enjoy the waters of your pool all year long, it’s critical to ensure that your pool is heated, and solar heating provides many benefits that traditional heaters can’t provide. So why should you invest in solar heating instead?

1. It geographically makes sense. Thanks to Florida’s close geographical proximity to the equator, the ease of keeping your pool comfortable with solar heating is extremely easy. Unlike northern states, you can still take advantage of a mild sun during the winter months, making it possible to keep your pool warm even during the holidays. If there were a place where solar heating could be utilized all year long, Florida would be it.

2. Lower costs. Because the energy used to heat a pool is taken from the sun, it costs considerably less to keep your pool warm. Beyond the reduced energy consumption, though, solar heating also provides the lowest maintenance costs, if there even are any. Since there are no moving pumps, unlike a traditional heating system, you’ll also enjoy the longest lifespan for this equipment, ensuring that you truly get your money’s worth. With the lowest prices and the cleanest, quietest, and safest source of energy, it’s no wonder that more Florida homeowners are relying on solar heating!

3. Adds value to pool. Just as clean, solar energy makes a home more valuable, choosing to heat your pool with a solar water heater adds value to your pool as well. You’ll also find that it adds value to your pool-owning experience, as you don’t have to worry about maintenance or replacing the heater any time soon. It’s virtually a worry-free investment that allows pool owners to relax and enjoy the luxury of their pools.

4. More swimming. With a heater, you can extend swimming season throughout the year. Since Floridian winters are relatively mild, it’s possible to keep your pool open through most, if not all, of the year. The general rule of thumb is that a heater for your pool will extend your swim season by a factor of two.

5. Environmentally responsible. As we try to take better care of the world around us, solar heating gives you the opportunity to help reduce pollution and energy waste through natural solar energy.

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