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4 Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs a Renovation

It starts with an itch. You start itching about whether or not a swimming pool renovation is needed, as several things from chipping paint to an outdated design begin getting under your skin. Then it turns into a rash. At this point, things are just flat out annoying, and you’re really tempted to contact a contractor. And then you have to scratch. You can’t help it anymore – it’s just unbearable and you wish you hadn’t waited so long to find a contractor to renovate your pool. Let’s face it, though: you don’t want to get to this point.

So how do you know when it’s time to take that leap of faith off the deep end and invest in a new custom swimming pool design? By keeping an eye out for these signs, you can ensure you renovate your pool when the time is right:

1. Safety first. If you moved into a home that already had a swimming pool or if your custom swimming pool project is several years old, chances are that safety codes and equipment are a little different today than they were a few years ago. Whether it’s the lighting and electrical design of the pool or the fact that you’re a diver now and need a deep end, there are many safety reasons that encourage a pool renovation.

2. Protect your investment. Chances are that your swimming pool is the largest investment in your home. Just like anything else, though, your pool will lose its luster in a few years. The color of the walls won’t seem as vibrant and the patio surrounding the water will eventually seem plain. Because renovating your pool doesn’t mean you have to replace it, you can improve your pool and ensure it’s kept in great shape.

3. Going green. Whether it’s your swimming pool heater or the filtration system, there are new technologies available that take environmental and energy concerns and put them in the forefront of consideration. Renovating your pool will allow you to take advantage of this technology to create a “green” pool that is convenient for you – and the environment!

4. It’s just time. Sometimes, it’s just time for change and you know it. Whether the design simply doesn’t “work” anymore or you want to upgrade all the features that your pool has to offer, it’s important to ensure that your pool meets your needs.

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