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4 Inspirational Pool Designs to Consider in Your Own New Swimming Pool

Inspirational Pool Designs to Consider in Your Own New Swimming Pool

Beginning the design process for a new pool can be difficult, especially when you don’t know exactly what you want. Navigating the virtually infinite pool design possibilities can be overwhelming. When you are beginning your pool design process, we encourage you to look for inspiration on the internet. By using images of pools found online, you can get a better idea of what the possibilities are and start deciding which features are right for you. 

  • Pool shape. One of the most important part of designing a backyard pool is shape. What your primary use for the pool is will determine the shape of pool that’s the best. Square pools with a wide shallow end can be great if you want to add an option for a volleyball net. A curvy pool can help create a lagoon feel if you plan to use your pool area for relaxation. There are also unique pool shapes that can make your pool stand out or fit better in a challenging backyard space.
  • Pool color. Your pool’s color needs to fit in with the feel of your backyard space. Most pools use shades of blue, but options can range from light to very dark blue. Also, consider incorporating lights to provide additional color accents at night.
  • Water features. Waterfalls and fountains can be an interesting addition to your pool. Use galleries online to see the wide range of possibilities for water features.
  • Patio options. Consider how you want your pool to fit in with the rest of your backyard and patio area. If you want your pool to connect with your seating area or want to incorporate a bar or grill, using decking or other patio options can create an expansive poolside area.

Using image galleries for inspiration can help you decide on the features your pool needs to make it fit in with your lifestyle. Tampa Pool Builder, Olympus Pools, is here to help you customize your features and design your perfect pool. Contact us today to find out more, and let us get started on your future pool.

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