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4 Factors to Consider When Building Your Custom Swimming Pool

Building Your Custom Swimming Pool

Building a custom swimming pool is a big endeavor, requiring a lot of time, labor, and money. And many decisions must be made before beginning construction to ensure that your pool is perfect for your needs. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when planning your custom swimming pool construction in Tampa, FL.

  1. Size. Do you want a pool that’s just large enough for you and your family to relax and splash around in on a hot summer day? Or do you want a pool for hosting parties with your friends? A home pool can come in all sizes and depths. When designing your pool, consider the space constrictions of your yard; that can be a deciding factor in choosing pool shape and size.
  2. Shape. Some homeowners prefer a large rectangular pool because it is easy to build and provides a large amount of space. Others prefer custom shaped pools to suit their various needs and desires. For example, a competition swimmer may choose to build a very long, narrow pool, perfect for swimming laps but not ideal for much else. A diver may choose to build a pool with a deep diving well, and a family with elderly grandparents may choose a pool that has wide steps for easy entrance. Take into account your needs and your plans for using the pool when deciding on shape and depth.
  3. Water type. There was a time when chlorine was the only chemical regularly used to clean pools, so every home pool had to be chlorinated. Now there are more options, including saltwater and bromine. Saltwater pools use less chlorine, and bromine pools use bromine as the primary cleaning chemical; both are safe and regularly considered as alternatives to standard chlorinated pools.

  4. Materials. Most pools have an interior surface made of gunite (a specific type of concrete), vinyl, or fiberglass. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, and each should be considered as an option for your home pool. Gunite, for example, is incredibly durable, but may be more difficult to clean than fiberglass or vinyl.

As you plan your new home pool and move toward making the final decisions on size, shape, and material, consider contacting Olympus Pools, a Tampa custom pool construction company. We can give you advice and answer any questions you may have about building a home pool.

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