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4 Benefits of an Illuminated Pool

Lighting is an important feature of your home, so the pool area shouldn’t be an exception. Low levels of natural light can pose unsafe swimming conditions, which is where electric lighting steps in. There are many benefits to using lighting fixtures around a pool area, such as increased safety, lower costs, and visual aesthetics.

Lighting Increases Safety and Security

Well-lit areas reveal uneven surfaces, which can prevent accidents before they happen. As the areas around pools tend to be slippery, lighting illuminates puddles and debris that can trip up passersby. Additionally, lighted areas deter trespassers. If you are concerned about the security of your home, then adding light fixtures around the pool is a good means of protecting your property from strangers.

There Are Numerous Lighting Options to Choose From

Not all lighting fixtures need to be standard electric bulbs. Instead, there are a range of lighting options from torches to LED lights. With the range of fixtures on the market, it is easy to pick the perfect options that meet your coverage, color, and cost needs. Lighting fixtures can be customized to reflect any design interests, so you can easily create visually appealing installations around your home and garden.

LED Lights Deter Bugs

There’s nothing worse than having a relaxing evening ruined by the presence of bugs and pests. Bugs are attracted to the ultraviolet waves that electric and natural lights produce, which is why they flock to these sources. Fortunately, LED lights prevent this problem, as they produce little to no ultraviolet emissions.

Lighting Fixtures Are Affordable

Most people assume that more lighting means more money on the monthly electric bill, but this is not always the case. LED light bulbs are energy efficient sources, as they last longer than incandescent bulbs and use less energy over time. Installing LED fixtures around your pool is an excellent means for lighting your property while simultaneously reducing energy costs. If you use your pool frequently, then using LED lighting allows you to extend your swimming hours without fear of expensive energy bills.

There are endless benefits to using lighting around your pool area. Lighting is affordable, adds to your property’s visual aesthetics, prevents injury, extends usage, and can discourage bugs from entering your pool area. Illuminate your pool today to see what a difference lighting can make!

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