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3 Tips for Keeping Florida’s Bugs Out of Your Pool

Bugs Out Of Your Pool

Florida has an abundance of wildlife, which can be both dangerous and non-threatening. The bug and insect populations in Florida are astounding, as the state is filled with rich, wet landscapes. As they are with the Everglades, bugs can be attracted to your home swimming pool for its moist and inviting environment. While bugs and insects can be a pain to swimmers, there are several easy steps that pool owners can take to remove these pests and prevent them from returning. 

Cover Your Pool and Spa After Use

Bugs are attracted to open spaces of water, which is why they frequent pool and spa areas. To prevent bugs from making a home in your pool, enclose the area with a protective covering when the area is not in use. Screens or pool covers are one of the most effective bug repellents, as they physically prevent pests from entering the pool area. Many pool owners are turned off by heavy or large covers, but there are numerous lightweight, easy to move covers on the market that provide a simple means for covering a pool or spa.

Plant Bug Repelling Herbs Around the Area

Did you know that certain herbs have insect repelling properties? Plants such as citronella, rosemary, lemon, and sage naturally deter unwanted pests, as the chemicals in these plants irritate insects and bugs. Planting these types of herbs around your pool area provides an effective, all-natural barrier against bugs. Additionally, as these plants are common, they can be found in almost any nursery.

Use Insect Repellents Along the Poolside

In addition to herbs and pool covers, there are a number of specialized insect repellents that can be safely used in poolside areas. Soapy water kills a variety of insects and is a safe method for removing large colonies. Citronella candles also prevent insects from entering the area, as bugs are deterred by these natural chemical compounds.

Florida is a great place to live, and the bugs agree! Fortunately, homeowners can keep their poolside areas free of pests by using a few simple techniques. Don’t let the bugs win this summer. Clear your poolside from insects today.

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