Month: April 2020

The Perfect Staycation with a Swimming Pool

perfect staycation

oking for the perfect staycation to escape? You may not need to look any further than your own backyard. Yes. That’s right. You can plan your perfect staycation with a swimming pool in your very backyard. No need to pack a bag, book a flight, or stay in an uncomfortable hotel room. Summer Retreat Every..

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Infinity Pool Designs

Looking for some jaw-dropping infinity pool designs? Well, look no further. We will go over a few with you today to provide you with some much-needed inspiration as you search for the best design for your home. Infinity pools give the appearance that they are never ending. Not only does it provide you with a..

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What Is a Cocktail Pool?

Cocktail pools, otherwise known as compact pools, received this name due to their size. They are also commonly referred to as spools because they also have combination spa and pool functions as well. When looking at a cocktail pool, you will basically find that it is a scaled-down swimming pool. It can be above ground..

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