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14 Luxurious Backyard Pool Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

luxurious backyard pool ideas

One of the best-known ways to beat the heat in the summer is by descending into cool, refreshing water. A pool can feel like a necessity – but that does not mean it has to play by the established rules. Increasingly, homeowners are getting creative with pool designs, adding features, and otherwise trying to make the most of these entertainment spaces. Whether you are starting with new pool construction or reimagining your current pool, these ideas can help you start to ponder what would make the pool special to you.

Get Creative with these Backyard Pool Ideas 

As you think about what you want to do with your pool, here are 14 ways that you can make this fun environment even more special.

1. A Tuscan Villa Getaway


tuscan villa backyard pool ideas

You can bring the classic charm of a Tuscan villa to backyard pools through sculpted shrubs and neutral tones. A large pool house provides guests a place to change in comfort. Enjoy the sun in luxury.


2. Create Some Shade

backyard pool shade ideas

While you may think you want the sunlight hitting you in the pool, it can become too much. Some of the most important backyard pool ideas have to do with creating shade. You may want to have an awning added over the pool, perhaps just to one end. You should certainly be able to decide on something that suits your preferences, with many style options in wood, fabric, bamboo, and even plastic. Whatever specific style you choose, the covering can be a perfect way to enjoy your pool throughout hot, extended summers in states such as Florida. Having some protection against UV rays allows you to stay healthy and fit in the heat of August.


3. A Key West Vibe

key west backyard pool ideas

Think about Key West, Florida. You could emulate that style, with ceiling fans running on your back porch and steps down to the side of the pool.


4. To Infinity – and Beyond

infinity backyard pool ideas

Transformation into an infinity pool is an amazing way to make the most of the beauty of your lake house or beach house. Through this process, you can rebuild the image of a pool on the edge of a cliff that looks as if it is connected to the natural body of water. Stretch a rectangular pool with infinity pool technology. 


5. Take A Seat

backyard pool seating ideas

You may think it is a given that your pool is the centerpiece, but you can actually place your seating at the center. You can adjust the size and shape of backyard pools based on the focus of seating. Think about this interesting option: you can create sunken seating, protected by an umbrella, within an island accessible via stone steps out into the pool. 


6. Go Greek

greek backyard pool ideas

Do you have an overall Greek theme at your home or simply want to do your pool in a Grecian design? You can use Grecian style in the steps that enter into the pool. You can introduce various design pieces, such as flower pots on top of pedestals fashioned after Greek columns. Your finishing touches are helpful to set the scene because the Greeks were known for decorating their swimming pools.


7. Love Your Curves

backyard ideas for curvy pools

Feel free to embrace the curve when mulling over pool designs. After all, water is flexible, so why not be flexible in your understanding of how a pool is shaped? It is not necessary for your pool to follow straight lines. Go minimalist or overhaul the landscape. You can create a private seating area or fire pit. Encompass your dark-watered, curvy pool in stone. Taking these steps will give your pool a more tropical ambiance, pulling it away from its contemporary setting.


8. Be At One with Nature

natural backyard pool ideas

You can blend your backyard landscape, combining your garden with your pool. Carefully tended gardens as accent pieces for a pool with a custom shape can create a breathtaking atmosphere for you – and your guests.


9. Romance Is In the Air

romantic backyard pool ideas

Comfort should help guide backyard pool ideas, as when you create warm, inviting seating areas. Have you considered creating an outdoor “room” under a pergola? The poolside patio area can feature two kinds of seating and a romantic fireplace. You can create additional overflow seating nearby on benches at the poolside, with three fountains flowing from beneath the seats down into the pool.


10. Eco-Warrior

eco-friendly backyard pool ideas

If you want to lounge by your pool on a particularly steamy day, one option is merging an eco-friendly design for your house and pool. Picture a stylish veranda leading to the pool ledge and columns made of natural wood. Here is the clincher: you place solar panels on the roof of the veranda. Along with embracing the environmental stewardship with the centerpiece of your home, you are also being financially wise long-term by avoiding future pool heating costs.


11. Zen-spiration

zen inspired backyard pool ideas

Many of the strongest backyard pool ideas have to do with figuring out what complements the pool. Just like you can bring together pools with gardens, you can also bring them together with ponds. You can create mini-waterfalls leading into koi ponds in the middle of your wooden poolside decks. Consider pink flowers in flower pots framing the mini-waterfall. The beauty and symmetry of this space harmonize with the relaxing sounds of the falling water.


12. Get Beachy with It

backyard pool beach ideas

Just as with gardens and ponds, another natural element you can integrate into a pool is a beach. You can actually build a “beach shore” into your pool design so that there is a landing made of sand adjacent to the pool.


13. Shine Some Light

backyard pool lighting ideas

Lighting is such a simple way to add elegance and allure to a pool. You may want to include lighting in your design in order to upgrade to a more modern look or to illuminate classic features.


14. Party-central

backyard pool entertainment ideas

Finally, some of the greatest backyard pool ideas are about creating experiences –  such as you can get from a poolside bar, whether entertaining or relaxing as a couple. Even if your pool area is relatively small, you can probably fit a poolside bar within your inground pool structure. Picture a bar with three “barstool” pillar seats leveling out even with the top of the water. The bar extends out into the water and ends as a wall, down which three fountains are pouring into the pool below.


Putting Your Backyard Pool Ideas Into Action

Ready to kickstart your backyard redesign project with a luxurious new pool? Contact Olympus Pools! We offer custom pools throughout the Tampa Bay area, including Lakeland, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Sarasota for your convenience.

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