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12 Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Outdoor kitchen ideas are often of interest to homeowners as they consider this key poolside amenity. After all, a backyard meal is an incredible joy of life when the weather is warm. With an outdoor kitchen, you can both cook and eat your food under the sun or stars. That way, family members who are preparing the meal can be a part of the action rather than separated from the group as people splash around in the pool.

Interesting & Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 

Making choices on outdoor kitchen designs can sometimes feel overwhelming. The below ideas from other homeowners help by providing inspiration:

  1. Stone outdoor kitchen

Stone and wood can be a great combination for outdoor kitchen designs. Install stone tile for the patio, along with stone for the grilling station and fireplace. Then place three or four wooden pergolas backing the kitchen for privacy and to broaden the natural theme.

  1. Open-air kitchen

A great option for positioning is to put your kitchen a distance from your pool, next to your vegetable garden. One homeowner installed his kitchen there, next to an enclosed living room. The two cedar structures, both of which have access to power and water, are connected by a patio of bluestone pavers.

  1. Corrugated metal outdoor bar

Tin can give your outdoor kitchen an amazing sound ambiance, making it peaceful when it storms. This casual design choice is visually interesting, whether it’s rainy or sunny. One homeowner used oak-toned countertops and wood accents with their corrugated tin bar.

  1. Chalkboard wall

With a chalkboard backsplash to your kitchen, you can easily write to-do lists or menus. One design team created a chalkboard backsplash for its freestanding outdoor kitchen unit on wheels.

  1. Recycled outdoor kitchen

You can create a kitchen that is homey and rustic while also embracing sustainability. One homeowner made their kitchen entirely out of repurposed wood pallets.

  1. Southwest kitchen with clay pizza oven

An option for a southwest feel is adobe, which can look beautiful and warm with the stainless-steel appliances. For a more finished appearance, use adobe eves to enclose the area. One homeowner installed an adobe pizza oven with their outdoor kitchen that is large enough for two pizzas and has space for wood beneath it.

  1. Cooking nook

By placing an attractive privacy wall of stacked stones between the dining area and a gas grilling station, you create a great place for the cook. Nighttime food prep is illuminated when you install sconces on the wall by the grill. One homeowner installed a four-burner stainless steel grill that comes with trash space and storage areas within carts beneath the counter.

  1. Courtyard dining

Some outdoor kitchen ideas become popular because they creatively use space. If your backyard is small, you can tuck the kitchen and dining area into a side courtyard. You can position the cooking area behind barn doors and just slide them shut when you are finished. One homeowner set up their courtyard in this way, along with a flexible dining area. A table for six is available for smaller family dinners, while additional dining areas are available for parties.

  1. Swanky poolside getaway

One homeowner lit a covered patio with three chandeliers, creating incredible reflections. Along with a grilling area, large dining table, and kitchen, the patio includes a fireplace and completely distinct lounge.

  1. Egyptian oasis

Of all these outdoor kitchen ideas, this one has one of the most desert-style color schemes. Inspired by a trip to Cairo, the kitchen and dining area are surrounded by palm trees, Egyptian papyrus, and a water feature.

  1. Indoor/outdoor kitchen

Depending on the time of year, you may want to step inside to cook or stay outside with a pleasant breeze. Some of the best outdoor kitchen ideas make innovations that allow you to choose. One homeowner with a lakefront home attached a kitchen to the back of their home, with a pulley system to raise the windows and make the room open-air.

  1. English garden kitchen

One family of eight wanted a quiet space next to their garden, inspired by English settings. To achieve it, the designers introduced a massive family dining table, along with statues, arbors, and intimate seating arrangements, to the existing brick patio. A kitchen was stationed at its side.

Bringing Your Outdoor Kitchen Ideas To Fruition

Are you considering an outdoor kitchen to go alongside your backyard pool? At Olympus Pools, we custom design and then build your outdoor kitchen to fit your backyard swimming and landscape. Contact us today to discuss your options. 

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