Spa Additions

If you are interested in getting a spa, or adding a spa to your existing outdoor space, regardless of whether you already have a swimming pool, or not, you are at the right place! Olympus Pools are one of Tampa Bay’s premier pool construction companies and we also specialize in spa additions!

Adding a spa to your outdoor space allows you use your water features year round, even more so in the chillier months.

Of course, you can opt for a spa during your new pool construction but we also specialize in spa addition. A spa can be added after a pool has already been constructed and is in use, or we can add a spa in conjunction with adding a waterfall, updating decking or adding an outdoor kitchen. Spa addition can also be done stand-alone.

Did you know that you can add just a spa to your outdoor space even if you don’t have a swimming pool? You can also add a spa to an existing pool and you can also opt for a pool & spa combination during your new pool construction project.

Spa additions focus on adding built-in spas that are designed and engineered to work within the layout of your existing pool and outdoor space. They are optimized to fit in seamlessly into the current designs.

Get in touch with Olympus Pools specializing in Tampa spa additions to add a spa to your outdoor space!