Announcing Our Lakeland Office in Polk County!

Olympus Pools Lakeland Office

As one of Tampa’s top Swimming Pool Builders, we at Olympus Pools are very excited to announce the opening of our office in Lakeland!  Our new office is located at 625 Commerce Dr, Suite 302 in Lakeland FL 33813 and our phone number for Lakeland is 863-646-6466.  With this office, we are now firmly established in..

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Stamped Vs. Brushed Concrete: Which Is Right For Your Pool Decking

When completing a pool construction project, you’ll be strapped with many decisions involving styles, designs, and colors. If part of your project involves pool decking material, you’ll first determine what type of material you’d like to use. Once you choose concrete, your decision is still not complete. You’ll then have to decide between a stamped..

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Pool Decking: Stamped Vs. Brushed Concrete

Swimming Pool Deck

When completing a pool construction project, you’ll be involved in many decisions such as styles, designs, and colors. If part of your project involves pool decking material, you’ll first determine what type of material you’d like to use. Once you choose concrete, your decision is still not complete. You’ll then have to decide between a..

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Five Swimming Pool Features You’ll Want This Winter

Swimming Pool Features

Late fall and early winter are a great time to have work done on your pool. You may be able to secure a cheaper rate than if you had work performed in the spring or summer because your pool contractor is in search of work. But perhaps more important, you’ll be able to enjoy immediately..

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Fall Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

Have you longed for a pool, but fear it’s too late because the weather has begun to cool down for the winter? Fortunately, you’re in luck. Believe it or not, fall is the best time for swimming pool construction. Still not convinced? Consider the benefits that come with fall swimming pool construction. It’s More Economical..

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A Look At Backyard & Pool Privacy

pool privacy

No matter how much you use your pool to host guests, there are many times when you’ll wish to find the privacy of your backyard oasis. There are many strategic ways to go about doing this, and it’s important to remember that there are two types of privacy you’ll want to achieve. Visual Pool Privacy..

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Four Hottest Outdoor Kitchen Trends For 2018

outdoor kitchen trends

The concept of your pool area becoming a “staycation resort” or “home away from home” is becoming more and more prominent. Not only is it cheaper and more obtainable than ever before, but the design concepts are endless. If you can envision it, you should be able to work with your pool contractor to build..

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Four Affordable Luxury Pool Features

luxury pool features

If you’ve longed for an oasis in your backyard, there is no better time than the present to break ground. There are many design options available that will give the look and feel of a high-end pool. It’s now realistic to have a luxury pool in your backyard for a fraction of what it would..

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A Look At Popular Backyard Improvements

backyard improvements

Your backyard should be an area that you love to enjoy. Recently, homeowners have taken strides to improve their backyard oasis, making their backyards feel like an extension of their home. If you’re looking to increase the appeal of your backyard, consider implementing some of the following popular backyard improvements. Add Seating Areas – One..

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Your Guide To Swimming Pool Slides

swimming pool slides

No matter if you are building a new pool or remodeling your existing one, adding a slide is a great way to add excitement to your summer. However, not all pool slides are created equal, and you cannot just put a slide anywhere in your pool. Consider the following when determining if a slide is..

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Five Tropical-Themed Pool Landscaping Ideas

pool landscaping ideas

Today’s pools have evolved from boring rectangular holes surrounded by concrete to true backyard oasis’. If you’re looking to install a pool or remodel your existing pool, you can now make it easily blend into your backyard. This involves the use of stones, landscaping, and other natural aspects. Consider these five tropical-themed pool landscaping ideas..

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Top Four Reasons To Have a Backyard Kitchen

Backyard Kitchen

Do you love the outdoors? Do you love grilling? Are you annoyed when you must constantly transport your cooked food back and forth, especially when you’re eating outside? Well thanks to a rapidly growing trend in outdoor architecture, your problems can be solved! Here is a look at the top 4 benefits of a backyard..

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The Allure Of Multi-Level Swimming Pools

multi-level pools

When you think of a pool, do you think of a rectangular body of water in a backyard surrounded by concrete? It’s time to start thinking again! Pool design has developed significantly over the past few years. Design options are endless, and there are many unique features that can truly make your new pool stand..

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What To Expect During Pool Construction

pool construction

Are you in the position where you really would like a new pool but are hesitant because the process seems overwhelming? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many would-be pool owners avoid breaking ground because they are not sure what the process has in store. Knowing what to expect from beginning to end can make..

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Customizing Your Swimming Pool To Fit Your Style

One of the key factors to remember when designing your new swimming pool is that it is YOUR pool! You should customize your pool to fit your style and taste, as you’ll be the one constantly enjoying it in your own backyard. If you are not happy with your pool’s design and overall setting, it..

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A Look At Interesting Swimming Pool Finishes

Once you have completed the initial design and determined the size and shape of your new pool, it is time for the fun part. The final decisions on your pool are where your personality and individual preference can shine. As you select the finishing touches on your pool, you’ll have to look at an array..

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